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Halloween in Rocky Point

Pumpkins - Day of the Dead/Halloween in Rocky PointIn America, Halloween is a night of spooky fun where ghost stories and costumes are part of the thrill of the night. Children go trick-or-treating, coming home with bags filled with candy, and many people search out haunted houses for a realistic thrill. However, in Mexico, Halloween is a much more integral part of the culture.

Halloween is part of the Day of the Dead celebration, where locals go all out to celebrate friends and relatives who have passed away. Although it may seem macabre, Halloween in Mexico is not a somber or scary holiday, but rather a fun time to reminisce and celebrate. The thriving beach town of Rocky Point is a popular tourist destination that often mixes authentic Mexican culture with familiar traditions of the tourists for a fun spin on holiday celebrations, such as Halloween. For a Halloween experience like no other, spend your October 31st in Rocky Point, Mexico!

The Day of the Dead

La Dia de Los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is an official Mexican holiday, and is part of an overall celebration of the dead that takes place over three days. Halloween is part of this tradition, but is a more lighthearted part of the celebration. The Day of the Dead in Rocky Point, however, is linked closely to the Pre-Columbian roots of Mexico that honors the dead.

Skeletons, sugar skulls, and carnations are symbols of the dead that are meant to honor their memory. Many homes display altars to honor specific family members, which are covered in decorations and often feature the person’s favorite food or drink. If you have never experienced a Day of the Dead celebration, it is certainly a fascinating look into authentic Mexican culture.

Party in Rocky Point

Rocky Point may be known for its gorgeous sandy beaches and seemingly endless outdoor activities. However, when celebrating Halloween in Rocky Point, the true fun begins after the sun goes down! Due to the fact that it coincides with Day of the Dead, Halloween is one of the busiest times of year in Rocky Point.

You will definitely want to bring out your best costumes, but you may have trouble deciding which party to attend! Wrecked at the Beach, Banditos, and Elixir are some of the favorite local nightlife spots. Many of the bars feature costume contests and live music. You can also have a blast at a mini golf tournament at Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort. One thing is for certain: No matter how you choose to celebrate Halloween in Rocky Point, it will be a night to remember!

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