Luxury Vacation Rentals In Rocky Point, Mexico

Luxury comes in many different forms, and here at FMI, we can offer you several. For one, we offer amenities that let you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Secondly, we offer something you can’t get in any other city: access to the beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunset, jubilant nightlife, and relaxing atmosphere of Puerto Peñasco—or as the vacationers call it, Rocky Point.

Our Luxury Vacation Rentals in Rocky Point, Mexico

All the luxury vacation condo rentals in Rocky Point, Mexico are top-notch. Knowing you want to spend your vacation time to the fullest, they offer plenty of ways to enjoy yourself without even needing to leave your lodgings. Besides, when you’re staying on beachfront property with a beautiful view, why should you want to? All FMI’s luxury vacation rentals in Rocky Point, Mexico are seaside properties, which provide you with everything you’d expect from a popular vacation destination. Kitchens are fully ready with refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and dishes ready for use. Make food the way you like it to feel right at home! Corona del Sol and Corona del Mar, standing proudly on the Las Conchas beach, offer tennis courts and workout rooms for fun and fitness. Plus, like all our luxury vacation rentals in Mexico, there are pools to enjoy on the premises for when it’s too late to go out to the beach, or for those who simply aren’t fond of salt water. Click below to Book Today!

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Azul Mariposa    

5 / 4
Las Conchas
About Azul Mariposa
Azul Mariposa is a new 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom home that offers a spacious 3,000 square feet of living space. This premium choice of vacation homes in Rocky Point read more
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Las Palapitas    

5 / 5
Las Conchas
About Las Palapita
Las Palapita is located on the beach of the Sea of Cortez and offers amazing ocean views from most of the home. This wonderful property offers five bedrooms and read more
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Saving Your Pesos

You may be staying in one of our FMI Rentals luxury vacation homes that come with all the extraordinary amenities that make you feel special, but you didn’t get here by spending your pesos foolishly. Knowing when to save your money and when to splurge has made you a budget savvy connoisseur that can afford the finer things in life—which also means that even though you can, you won’t be eating every meal during your Rocky Point vacation in a restaurant. Sam’s Club Puerto Peñasco at Blvd. Benito Juárez S/N, Brisas del Golfo offers a great selection of food, beverages, and even clothing, and your American Sam’s Club card is valid there.

A Taste of Rocky Point

Vacations are a time for new experiences, and that includes trying new foods. If you’ve never tried Mexican food before, NOW is the time! Try the huevos rancheros for breakfast at Rosy’s Restaurant, Calle 26 S/N, Centro, carne asado tacos at Aquí es con Flavio, 1ro. de Junio y Malecón Kino No. 10, Puerto, and enchiladas that could have come from your Mexican grandma’s kitchen (if you had a Mexican grandma!) at Bacanora Grill, Avenida Recinto Portuario y Calle 3. All three of these fantastic restaurants feature an authentic taste of Mexico that you can’t find anywhere north of the border!

It’s Not Always About the Food

But sometimes it may seem that way, especially when you plan a day trip to La Ostionera de Puerto Peñasco (the Oyster Farm of Rocky Point), where you can taste the freshest oysters you have ever had the pleasure of trying. Picked from the sand and served to you within minutes, oyster lovers will be fascinated at this up close and personal glimpse of a real oyster farm.

Two-Wheeled Adventures

In the middle of summer, it may seem as if cooler weather may never arrive, but if you remain patient, the crisp cool months of fall will be here before you know it, bringing with them the annual Rocky Point Rally that occurs every November. This year’s rally will be held November 9th through 12th; all you need is your Harley and a toy for a needy child!

When You Need to Let Your Hair Down

Rocky Point’s nightlife offers so much for so many, including, but not limited to: elegant bars such as Elixir Bar & Lounge at Avenida Durango 16, Benito Juárez, or the more low-key Latitude 31 Restaurant & Sports Bar at Blvd. Benito Juárez S/N, Centro. There’s always a good time to be had during your Rocky Point vacation!

The City

First, hear about all Rocky Point offers to understand why resorts here are such a big deal. Rocky Point is on the coast of the Sea of Cortez, in the north of Mexico. Its mild climate attracts tourists year-round, although spring and summer are the most popular times to take advantage of its grandest claim to fame: its magnificent beaches. Water-based activities are the most popular, including sailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, and fishing, but bars, wildlife tours, and horseback rides are also popular.

Different locations have their own extra benefits. Corona del Sol offers mini-golfing—great for veteran golfers and kids alike. Marina Pinacate offers rentals at the reception desk, letting you rent games, toys, and movies—did we mention Marina Pinacate and Princesa de Peñasco offer flat screen TVs in each room? Marina Pinacate also offers a Jacuzzi and grills available for use. Casa Blanca, set in among the dunes of Sandy Beach, offers a five-acre park as well as a golf course. These premises are also gated, offering extra security to those who feel far from home. Tessoro is a prize-winning resort, crowned as recipient of “Best North American Resort” and “Best Interior Design.”

No matter which you pick, it’s clear that FMI only deals with the best luxury condo rentals in Rocky Point, Mexico. Trust us to hook you up with the best vacation experience.

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