What says quintessential summer vacation more than being at the beach? Rocky Point, Mexico, began as a small fishing village along the Sea of Cortez, but its beautiful sandy beaches and warm weather have made it a popular vacation destination. People from all over the world flock here for a unique beach experience, however Rocky Point vacations are especially popular with people from Arizona who don’t get to enjoy beaches back home. No matter where you are from, nothing is better than summertime in Rocky Point!

Summer Weather

Although Rocky Point’s beachside location would suggest cooler weather, it is also situated in the Sonoran Desert, one of the hottest and driest places in all of Mexico. Temperatures during this season average in the mid to high 90’s, but can reach as high as 110! Sunblock is a must during this time of year, as well as breathable, cool fabrics. The ocean is where you will find relief from the heat! Even though the weather is warm, Fourth of July and Memorial Day weekends remain some of the most popular times of year to take a Rocky Point vacation! Visit during the “off weekends” to avoid crowds and get the best deals.

Ocean Fun

By far the best place to spend your summer Rocky Point vacations is either along the shores or in the water! There are seemingly endless activities to do by the beach that the whole family can enjoy! Lay out a blanket on the sand and soak up the warm summer rays, or head into the water to search for shells, snorkel with the fish, or explore the many tide pools along the coast. For a guided experience, head to the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, also known as CEDO. CEDO offers guided hiking tours in different areas of Rocky Point, and kayaking in the waters. You also won’t want to miss your chance to visit Bird Island, which boasts an impressive eco-diversity. Here you can swim with sea lions and dolphins for a once in a lifetime experience!

Make the Most of Summer!

A summer Rocky Point vacation allows you to enjoy all the perks of the town without having to fight huge crowds. The warm sand and the cool waters are perfect for summer fun! Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway for two, or are planning on bringing the whole family along, you will head home with a great tan and some amazing memories of you summer trip to Rocky Point!