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The History of Rocky Point

Also known as Puerto Penasco, this tourist destination is popular among residents in the West Coast due to their close proximity.

The destination is rich with activities, and it has an even richer Rocky Point history.

Studies have shown that nomads roamed the land in search of resources. While today the landscape is a paradox of oceans and stark deserts, it was once a flourishing land of fertile soil and trees. It was also a popular place to barter resources for survival.

During the 700 to 1500 time stamp, the Indians ruled the space and the tradition of bartering and trading continued, until the time of Columbus’ arrival. The Spanish conquered the land and mined pearls and other resources, which were exported to Europe. Other common trades were completed, including Gold and Silver mining.

It was a time to feast – some would say. Pirates too, took full advantage and nicknamed Puerto Penasco Doin Biddin Ye Francia, Englash Devils O’ Hell, Treachry , Ye Likesly Spot and other names.

In the 18th century, Mexican residents fought the Spanish, and there were bloody battles to control the land. A peace treaty was eventually signed however, to put the senseless bloodshed to rest.

Puerto Penasco too, had its own internal revolution unfolding, and today, relics of these battles are still standing. When you visit, ask the tour desk for historic sites to see the history of Rocky Point through ports of war and protection.

Popularity as a Tourist Destination for Rocky Point History

When you look at American history, you can see why certain destinations rose in popularity as a go-to vacation spot. During Prohibition for example, Puerto Penasco offered respite for vacationers to freely indulge in a common pastime – drinking and being merry.

During this time, investors, with their eye for opportunity, built hotels, resorts and other attractions in the area.

The building boom continues, and in between today’s history and the early days of development, the destination has seen and explosion of shrimp agriculture, residential real estate booms and busts, as well as other industries take root.

Visiting Rocky Point

When travelling to Puerto Penasco, be sure to secure Mexican insurance and all the prerequisites for legal entry.

In addition, during peak seasons you can expect heavy traffic. Early morning travels are preferable if available.

While there, you can rent several types of transportation, visit a tour guide, and enjoy food, culture and many water sports.