Top 5 Taco Joints in Rocky Point, Mexico

When you visit Rocky Point, one of the things you cannot miss is the delicious local cuisine. Traditional Mexican food is available in bulk in Rocky Point, but for those taco experts and lovers, just any taco will not do. If you are looking for the best restaurants in Puerto Penasco to grab a taco, try one of our favorite taco places on this list.

Combos Tacos

Some of the best tacos available are where you would least expect it; this is the case with Combos Tacos. Combos Taco is an all outdoor restaurant in Puerto Penasco that serves some interesting and delicious taco options. Along with their traditional Mexican food options, Combos Tacos also offers unique options like bacon tacos, Yellow Popper, and chili and cheese tacos. Prepare to wait in line; this taco joint is very popular!

Chino’s Tacos

Chino’s Tacos is located on Benito Juarez Garcia Blvd and serves an amazing set of tacos. Chino’s Tacos specializes in street-style tacos and serves up great food at a great price. Whether you are looking for a great seafood taco or a traditional carne asada taco, Chino’s is a great Rocky Point Restaurant to grab one. Their street-style tacos are served with a variety of salsas to elevate your experience.

Tacos Chuy

Unlike most taco joints, Tacos Chuy chooses to cook your food on a mesquite BBQ pit right in front of guests. The charcoal and mesquite smoke infuses with their fresh ingredients to create some of the best tacos available in Rocky Point. If you are looking for a great taco with wonderful flavors, you will find no better Rocky Point restaurant than Tacos Chuy.

Tacos Gus

Besides restaurants in Puerto Penasco, one of the places you can get tacos in Rocky Point is on the sidewalk. Tacos Gus is one of these places and they consistently do it right. Walk right up to this small taco place and find a place to stand while you enjoy some good quality tacos at an even better price. Tacos Gus is a great option if you are looking to spend less money without sacrificing flavor.

Mariachis and Tequila Bar and Grill

If you are looking to sit down, enjoy a drink and eat some great food, Mariachis and Tequila is perfect for you. They have great specials and their tacos are killer. This Rocky Point restaurant is perfect to sit back and enjoy a quality taco.

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