Having fun during your relaxing beach getaway doesn’t have to be expensive! One of the reasons that Rocky Point, Mexico has continued to be a popular vacation destination is not just because of the sandy beaches and rich nightlife, but also because it is easy to plan a vacation on a budget. If you want to dine while staying in Rocky Point, but don’t want to break the bank, choose one of these budget-friendly restaurants in Puerto Peñasco.

Lucky’s Cantina

Lucky’s Cantina is a beachfront restaurant in Rocky Point that is friendly to locals and tourists alike. They offer a menu with everything from American favorites to local Mexican cuisine, so there truly is something for everyone on the menu. They also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so no matter what time you choose to dine, Lucky’s will be open. For those on a budget, Lucky’s has an appealing promotion for their breakfast menu: Purchase a cocktail and your food is free. You won’t find a better deal than that anywhere else in Rocky Point!

Pollo Lucas

Situated a little outside the main town of Rocky Point, Pollo Lucas is worth the short drive. For delicious food at an affordable price, look no further! Enjoy freshly grilled chicken with a variety of sides including beans, rice, and tortillas. This low-key restaurant offers outdoor seating, where you can enjoy the sunny weather and ocean breezes with the locals.

Combo Tacos

Combining the delicious local seafood with a classic Mexican dish, Combo Tacos is a great place to get tacos on a budget. Like their name suggests, they only serve tacos, but they offer a variety of options for fillings and sauces that make it customizable for everyone. Taking full advantage of the Rocky Point’s reputation for great seafood, Combo Tacos is especially known for their fish and shrimp tacos. They offer large portions at a reasonable price and all tacos are cooked to order.

JJ’s Cantina

Occupying beachfront property at Cholla Bay for over 70 years, JJ’s Cantina is practically a Rocky Point institution. One of the top restaurants in Puerto Peñasco, JJ’s Cantina boasts live music, a diverse food menu, and a bar with reasonably priced drinks. Watch the sun set over the water as you enjoy your meal and be treated like a local by the friendly and accommodating staff. For many people, you haven’t visited Rocky Point unless you make a stop to JJ’s Cantina!