There’s nothing better than coming back from an amazing vacation than bringing a souvenir back home to reminisce about your experience. It’s also great to purchase something local that you can show to your friends and family back home that captures the spirit of your trip. Luckily, there are some great places around Rocky Point where can find the perfect souvenir as a reminder of your vacation!

Old Port

The original fish market port that made Rocky Point into the town it is today, Old Port is in the heart of the town and is a great place to begin your search for a souvenir. Local vendors know that Old Port is the first stop for tourists searching for Rocky Point shopping, so you will find a surprising amount of variety amongst the shops. You can find everything here from tacky “Puerto Peñasco” t-shirts and locally made pottery, to one of kind art pieces and even well-made furniture. Shopping for the perfect item to take back home while immersing yourself in the culture of Rocky Point at the Old Port!

Cholla Mall

Whether you are looking for a handmade trinket made by a local artisan or a high-end piece of jewelry, Cholla Mall has a variety of vendors that are sure to interest everyone no matter what their budget. Peruse dozens of shop and storefronts to find the perfect souvenir. Although Cholla Mall has the reputation for being a higher end marketplace, haggling is part of the experience of shopping in Puerto Peñasco, so don’t be discouraged if something appears to be out of your budget at first. Negotiate with the shopkeeper and you may go home with the perfect souvenir!

Mission del Mar Shopping Mall

For some, the experience of haggling prices at a street market can be intimidating and unfamiliar. If you want to shop for the perfect souvenir in a setting that closely resembles the shopping malls one would find in America, the Mission del Mar Shopping Mall is the place to go! This modern mall is located in the Las Conchas area of Rocky Point and boasts its own food court and club and lounge. Wander through Mission del Mar in comfortable and modern setting to find the souvenir that will remind you of all the great times you had on vacation in Rocky Point!

Rocky Point shopping is fun experience that anyone can enjoy. Contact FMI Rentals today to rent your very own Puerto Peñasco vacation rentals, and don’t forget to visit the many area shops and pick up a souvenir or two!