The town of Rocky Point, Mexico began as a small fishing village, but quickly grew in popularity to become a vibrant tourist destination for American partygoers. In recent years, however, Rocky Point has transformed into a hotspot of ecotourism. Located in the beautiful Sonoran Desert along the Sea of Cortez, the area boasts a natural environment that is unlike any other in the world. On your next visit to Rocky Point, be sure to get out and enjoy the view by hiking one of these scenic Rocky Point hiking trails.

Walk Along the Morua Estuary

The Morua Estuary is the most biologically diverse area surrounding Rocky Point, located about 15 minutes east of the town. This is where the sea gives way to salt flats. During your hike along the trails here, you will see an abundance of wildlife. Birds of all kinds flock to this area to wade in the refreshing waters and feast on the sea life. Along the way, be sure to visit Las Mujeres, the local oyster farming cooperative, and taste some of their fresh harvest.

Hike Atop Sand Dunes

The sand dunes that lie approximately 15 minutes north of the town of Rocky Point are perhaps the most unique landscape in the Sonoran Desert, offering plenty of different things to do in Rocky Point, Mexico. This “sea of sand” resides just inland from the Sea of Cortez is an amazing place to explore. Choose a guided tour, or hike on your own, and discover plants and wildlife that you will not find anywhere else. A word to the wise: These sand dunes are located on a land preserve, so be sure to bring plenty of food and water, as there is nowhere to restock amongst the dunes.

Explore the Pinacate Biosphere

The Pinacate Volcanic range is part of the Great Desert of Altar Biosphere Reserve, Mexico’s fourth largest land reserve. In 2013, it was also given the distinction of becoming a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Traverse the craters in Pinacate that were formed by volcanic eruptions, and were used by astronauts during their training for the moon landing. Walk amongst trees, wildflowers, and cacti that can only be found in this region of the Sonoran Desert. There are also guided hikes available through the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, known as CEDO, which offer a great opportunity to learn about the native history of the area as well as the natural environment. Hiking through the Pinacate will truly be an experience that you will never forget!

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