The thought of vacationing in a new place is always exciting, until you get there and you realize you don’t know what to do while you’re there! Obviously, the Louvre in France, the Coliseum in Italy, and Big Ben in England are all well-known tourist attractions on everyone’s bucket list, but what happens when you go somewhere smaller and more intimate—someplace like Puerto Peñasco, Mexico? Your first objective is to head to the beach, but what else is there to do after that?

This is where taking a tour of the area first turns out to be the best idea you’ve had since you decided to take a trip south of the border! Rocky Point tours tend to be inexpensive, interesting, and a great way to get to know our favorite ocean village so you can head out for more exploring on your own later! Here’s a few of our favorite Rock Point tour companies to use while here—enjoy!

RussBus Van Tours

Lead by the incomparable Russ, the intimate tours offered allow no more than 14 people at a time (minimum of 4) and are a fun and relaxing way to spend a free day. RussBus Van Tours features half day Puerto Penasco tours of the city, a Nature and Art Tour, a Foodies Tour, and an afternoon bar crawl. Just remember, tequila in Mexico, while delicious, can be dangerous if you’re not used to it!

Rocky Point Boat Trips

Do things a little differently and tour Rocky Point by sea. Rocky Point Boat Trips is a great company that offers cruises to Bird Island, sunset cruises, scuba diving trips, and so much more. What a great chance to get a closer look of the natural side of Mexico! The Rey Del Mar Pirate Sunset Cruise is a trip that shouldn’t be missed.

Tequila Factory

The owner of this gift from the heavens delights in giving behind the scenes tours of his factory. Tequila is more than a job to him, it’s his life’s mission to educate the world on the delights of Mexico’s favorite alcoholic beverage. Follow the process from its humble and historic beginnings to the unbelievable variety of tequila flavors available today with this unique Puerto Penasco tourist attractions. Taste them all, just don’t plan to drive anywhere afterwards!

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