A quaint, serene, and colorful beach town, Puerto Peñasco’s downtown area has so much to offer for the visitor who is interested in exploring and experiencing the local life to the fullest extent possible. Read on to learn more about where to go and what you’ll find in downtown Rocky Point, Mexico!

Things to Do and Places to See

During the day, the Malecon Plaza, also known as the Old Port or the Fish Market, is a vibrant cultural center where locals and tourists alike can shop for artisan crafts and souvenirs like jewelry and hats, delicious meals from local street carts and restaurants, and fresh fish. It’s also a popular gathering place for events and holidays, namely in its famous square, which is adorned with statues commemorating the history of the town.

Sightseeing | Old Port-Puerto | Del Sol Penthouse

Great restaurants in the area include Blue Marlin for its seafood, Casa Del Capitan for its sunset views and incredible food, Cocodrilos for its fish tacos, and Coffee Haus for its European style pastries and coffees.

The Mirador is where Rocky Point comes to life at night. Famous bars like the Sand Bar and the Pink Cadillac have drawn patrons season after season, year after year, for their good food, heavy-handed drinks, entertaining live music, and tournaments of volleyball and horseshoes. Both Manny’s and the Ice House have energetic dance floors, while Elixar functions as more of a cocktail lounge with a dance floor. Other notable bars and nightclubs include Baja, Happy Frog, and Tequila House.

What You Need to Know About Puerto Penasco’s Downtown Area

Before you live it up in downtown Puerto Penasco, there are a few rules that you should keep in mind, otherwise you might encounter trouble with the local law enforcement.

The legal drinking age in Rocky Point is eighteen years old, and drinking and driving is strictly prohibited on all vehicle types—including ATVs. The speed limit in Rocky Point is twenty five miles per hour.

Drugs, guns, ammunitions, and all other types of weapons are forbidden. Fireworks are only permitted in designated areas.

Bribes are also illegal, and need to be reported to the police. Should you incur any fines during your travels, they must be paid at the police station—not to the police officer.

As a general rule, chances are good that if it’s illegal in the United States, it’s also illegal in Rocky Point, so we advise you to keep your wits about you and proceed with caution.

Downtown Rocky Point is the Center of the Fun!

city-cars-traffic-lightsThe way we look at it, there are two types of people in this world: country folk who appreciate life on the outskirts of town where they can breathe in fresh air, empty spaces, and wide-open skies, and city dwellers like us who can’t function unless they are in the center of all the fun! Your FMI Rentals downtown Rocky Point vacation home may not be on the beach, but you can choose to walk to the Friendly Dolphin at Alcantar 44, El Puerto for a delicious meal of coconut shrimp whenever you feel the urge! For those nights you want to stay home and grill the fish you caught when you chartered that fishing tour from Del Mar Charters (even city folk can enjoy a little country now and again!), you can get your fresh veggies and sides from Bodega Aurrera, a reasonably priced grocery store that is basically right around the corner!

Rodeo Drive Shopping

Yes, you heard us right: Rodeo Drive is alive and well in downtown Rocky Point, Mexico, and a whole lot cheaper than its namesake in California! Charming stores like Plaza Fabiola and its wonderful collection of resort wear, Su Casa, a home décor store that sells the most incredible blown glass pieces, and Kokopellis and its collection of interesting Mexican tchotchkes decorate the landscape of Mexican Rodeo Drive, promising a unique selection of keepsakes to help remind you of your Rocky Point trip of a lifetime long after you have returned to real life!

Downtown Nightlife

Another awesome fact about staying downtown Puerto Penasco is you won’t need to worry about taxi expenses; everything is close enough to walk to, or at the very least, close enough to keep the fees low, allowing you to save money for the important things—namely souvenirs and shots! Visit the BooBar Cantina for drinks and snacks, Bar Gau Gau (because the name makes us smile and the drinks are out of this world!), or venture out a little further to Skullyz Cantina for live music and a party to end all parties!

Beach Fun

You can’t come to Rocky Point without planning at least one trip to the beach, and Pelican Beach is home to a waterway that is the home site of the unique brown pelicans, making this Rocky Point Beach an amazing photo op! There are no private beaches in Rocky Point, so feel free to explore to your heart’s content. Winter trips can be a little too cold for swimming, though; the heated pool at your Puerto Penasco downtown FMI Rental may be where you find the most joy!

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