If you’re looking to find a Puerto Penasco event that exemplifies the great tradition and culture of Rocky Point the next time you visit us, then look no further than Mermaid’s Market!

An Area Rich with Tradition and Culture

One of the little-known secrets about Rocky Point is the incredible history of tradition and culture that exists throughout the area, and much of this is presented through the arts! Many of the locals here in Rocky Point, both individuals as well as local business, take great pride in creating works of art, paintings, pottery, and so much more. A few years ago, there was an idea among many to create an event that would both highlight and celebrate all of this. And that’s how Mermaid’s Market was born! Now you may ask – why is it called the Mermaid’s Market? Well, it’s simple! You never know what mermaids may be selling but you can be certain that they are always wonderful treasures, and because our local vendors and artists make these treasures they are called mermaids!

The Best Crafts Market in All of Rocky Point

The Mermaid’s Market has become an annual tradition in Rocky Point (it will be entering its 5th year this upcoming fall) and has gained a reputation as the best crafts market in all of Rocky Point for good reason! Our artesian “mermaids” are typically joined by other guest vendors and artists, so the market is always changing from week to week! The market also contains a beer/drink garden known as the Mermaid’s Lounge, and it has quickly grown into a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike to grab a delicious drink, listen to music, and more. There’s one thing that’s for certain: when you go to Mermaid’s Market, you certainly won’t be disappointed with what you find.

Make Sure to Visit Mermaid’s Market This Year!

The Mermaid’s Market is located right at “Shrimp Park” and will be returning this year around mid-October (exact date to be determined). The market usually continues on each first and third Saturday of the month through the beginning of April, so don’t hesitate to stop by and see what incredible wares are in store for you!

Store Your Haul in an FMI Rental!

Once you’ve had the chance to visit the Mermaid’s Market, it truly is a life-changing experience, and I call tell you from experience that it’ll be hard to not come back with a number of incredible pieces from all of the vendors that attend. But just in case you need a place to stash all of that sweet loot from the market, make sure to check out FMI Rentals! We have a number of rental properties in Rocky Point that would be perfect for storing all of your wares and providing you rest and relaxation after a long day of exploring the market. So make sure to check us out today to get the rental property that’s perfect for you before your next great Rocky Point vacation!