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Pedro’s Restaurante of Rocky Point, Mexico

You take a bite and can’t believe it—it’s even better than it looks, which you thought would be impossible! You try to savor every single bite, and yet somehow the experience is gone before you know it. You wonder when you can come again, but your stuffed belly insists it can’t be anytime soon. Your belly is wrong, and you find yourself trying to go back the next day.

One of the best parts of vacation is finding restaurants like this. We’ll tell you ahead of time that in Rocky Point, that’s Pedro’s.

Where’s Pedro’s Restaurant?

Pedro’s is on the northern end of the southwestern part of the city. Take Mexico 8 to get to the cape, then take Circunvalacion y o Malecon Kino to Pedro’s Restaurant, right past Boo Bar, on the west side of the road.

Amazing Food at Good Deals in Puerto Peñasco

The reason Pedro’s Mexican stands out is the food, plain and simple. The seafood satisfies, the salsa astounds, and the guacamole gratifies. What’s more, the strong purchasing power of the dollar keeps these delectable dishes at a bargain—filling shrimp dishes from $12-15, a fish fry for two at $18, $6 quesadillas and 12 oysters for $10 all make this place worth the visit.

Local in the Best Senses

What makes the food here so fantastic? It could be that it’s local and fresh—the restaurant is right next to the ocean, after all (and offers some spectacular views). Fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish are all delivered daily. No flavor is lost—it’s as fresh as it gets!

Plus, the food at Pedro’s Mexican is far from what you’d find at Taco Bell; it’s real Mexican. Sure, you can find some American favorites on here—hot cakes and burgers are international hits, after all—but the best experiences are found in going for the close-to-home favorites. The chilaquiles are fabulous for starting your day, the avocado surprise is an excellent appetizer for the adventurous, and if you don’t think “cinnamon shrimp” could possibly be good, well, prove yourself wrong! (It does involve bacon, after all.)

The Finest in Rocky Point

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