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Pollo Lucas – Authentic Restaurants in Puerto Penasco

If you are looking for a fun vacation experience along the picturesque beaches of Mexico, look no further than the town of Puerto Peñasco, more commonly known as Rocky Point. This town was once nothing more than a small fishing village, but now it has grown as a thriving tourist destination that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Despite its recent growth, Rocky Point has managed to retain its quiet charm, while also catering to its visitors. Rocky Point boasts a great variety of restaurants that often combine local flavors with familiar dishes that cater to locals and tourists alike. However, for those looking for a truly authentic Mexican dining experience, Pollo Lucas is certainly the place for you!

Dine Like a Local

Pollo Lucas is practically an institution in the town of Rocky Point. For years, locals have flocked to this humble hut for simple, delicious flavors. Pollo Lucas’ specialty is chicken, and they certainly do it well. Their chicken combines lime juice, chiles, and a blend of some other spices and is grilled to perfection.

The basic menu offers rice, beans, and tortillas to go along with your chicken, making ordering a breeze. They also have a great selection of Mexican sodas, which are perfect for washing down your meal. However, they do not serve beer, which means that you are welcome to bring your own alcohol if you prefer an adult beverage instead. If you are looking to feed the entire family, you can order whole chickens, or you can order individually. You can also order dine in or take out, so you can enjoy the delicious chicken of Pollo Lucas with the locals or in the comfort of your hotel room or condo.

Great Atmosphere

One thing is true of restaurants in Rocky Point: If the locals dine there, then it is sure to be a great place to eat. Pollo Lucas is no exception. The casual atmosphere of Pollo Lucas is perfect for the laid back beach town of Rocky Point. Shorts and flip flops are standard attire here, and don’t expect any frills or fancy presentation with the food. Pollo Lucas is an open air hut-like structure that allows the ocean breeze to roll through. When you dine here, it truly feels like something out of a perfect beach vacation!