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Rocky Point’s Tekila Bar

If your idea of a good time is heading down to Rocky Point to enjoy some drinks with your friends until way past midnight, then this may be exactly the place you’re looking for! Tekila Bar is a popular option for tourists who come to Rocky Point for vacation. It’s in downtown Rocky Point, in the heart of the action. With music, drinks, and dancing until 3 a.m., it’s the perfect place to go when you’re totally free the next day!

Dancing and Music at Tekila Bar

Tekila Bar wouldn’t have named themselves after an alcoholic beverage if they didn’t want to have people over to party—and this is a place where you’ll want to party! A dance floor lets people shake loose once they’ve relaxed. And even if you’re not one for late night parties, maybe the gorgeous ocean view will inspire you to seize the day and enjoy the night as much as possible. Fridays and Saturdays boast live music, making the place shake even more than normal!

The nightlife at Tekila Restaurant extends all the way to morning—they close around 3 a.m. most nights, closing at midnight instead on Sundays and not operating on Wednesdays. If you want to try to party until the sun comes up, try spending much of your night here!


Tekila Bar boasts a wealth of shots to try—so pace yourself and don’t hurt your liver! They offer specialty shots, house specials, beers, and margaritas, usually costing $5-$8 per drink. Prices can change depending on the peso-to-dollar exchange rate though, so check with your server if you’re counting cash.

The bar is the major attraction, but they serve food too—and quite the variety, at that. Salads, tacos, burgers, seafood, appetizers, and even a few desserts grace their menu. Appetizers typically cost a little under $10, while main courses usually cost $12-16. Again, this is subject to the fluctuating exchange rate.


Tekila Bar is a place to go for a good time—and the staff sees to it. Waiters and bartenders help people feel welcome at Tekila Restaurant and are always happy to make others happy.

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