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Rosy’s Restaurant: Casual, Filling Food in Rocky Point

You’re hankering for some food, but you’re also trying to make the most of your vacation. How can you try some place that isn’t too Americanized but is still certain to be delicious? Try Rosy’s!

The Real Deal at Rosy’s Restaurant Puerto Penasco

Rosy’s menu and wait staff are primarily Spanish-speaking, and this further accentuates the food’s authenticity. You’ll wonder how you ever settled for store-bought tortillas once you try the ones at Rosy’s Restaurant. The huevos rancheros are famous, and this establishment’s breakfasts are one of its major draws. Chilaquiles are done to perfection. If the place feels homey, it’s because you’re tasting food as good as a home-cooked.

All You Can Eat?

It isn’t a buffet, but most people would describe Rosy Restaurant as all-you-can-eat simply because the portions are huge—some come to share a plate! If you’ve got a busy day ahead of you full of sight-seeing and surfing and maybe plenty to drink, this is the place to go to load up!

A Word of Note

Remember that menu prices may be misleading—especially as Rosy’s Restaurant Puerto Penasco ‘s are in Spanish. Many Americans pay in dollars throughout Rocky Point, but the restaurants themselves convert that into a peso value. Each place may have its own dollar exchange rate, so be sure to check what the exchange rate is. It’s usually posted—if not, ask up front. As another heads-up, Rosy’s takes cash only—no cards accepted!

Word has traveled around about Rosy’s, but the place hasn’t expanded since. So, if it’s crowded, you can expect a long wait time. It’s not a bad idea to have a plan B in case you arrive and see many people still waiting for seats or meals.


Rosy Restauarant sits on Calle Jose Healy, between Calle 11a and Avenida Constitucion, west of Mexico 8. Most north-south running streets between the sea and the Mexico 8 connect to Calle Jose Healy, so take those to that street first and it should be easy to find right on the south side of the road.

Fill Up for a Full Day

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