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Tacos Brissa

The town of Rocky Point, Mexico is home to a lot of phenomenal Mexican cuisine and hidden gems of restaurants in Rocky Point, Mexico, but few of these hidden gems shine brighter than Tacos Brissa. Though tucked away and not always the easiest to find, we guarantee that your search for the most delicious tacos and best restaurant in Puerto, Penasco, Mexico will not be in vain. We can guarantee that once you find this restaurant and try the food, you won’t want to look anywhere else!

Tacos Done Right!

If there’s one thing that Tacos Brissa does better than anyone else here in the Rocky Point area, it’s tacos! When you stop in at Tacos Brissa, they guarantee nothing but the freshest ingredients to give you the most delicious tacos you’ve ever had! From the moment you walk in to the restaurant in Rocky Point, you will be overcome with the incredible smells of fresh meats cooking and simmering to perfection, and from there you’ll know you’re in for something special.

Whether you prefer tripitas, carne asada, or chicken, we guarantee it’ll be the best you can possibly find in Rocky Point. With fresh ingredients and the love and care the chefs put into each meal, you’ll taste the difference from your very first bite at Tacos Brissa to your last. Pair these tacos with one of the other phenomenal menu options, such as a quesadilla, vampire, or chile relleno, and we guarantee your mouth will not stop watering!

Don’t Forget about the Papas!

While tacos may be the specialty here, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have a few different tricks up their sleeves! The menu at this restaurant in Rocky Point offers a few different options from your traditional tacos, and one of the biggest hits that you’ll have to try is the Papa Rellena! For this dish, the chef takes a full potato and stuffs it full of fresh carne asada, green peppers, and cheese; the way the flavors meld together into one is pure perfection. This is one dish in particular that customers always rave about and keep coming back for more!

There are no better for tacos than what you can find at Tacos Brissa, and once you find this hidden gem of Rocky Point and try the food, you’ll have to agree! Make sure to stop during your vacation and see why Tacos Brissa truly is the premier taco stop!