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The Satisfied Frog

You don’t need to compromise on American fare and Mexican alcohol. You can have it all—plus a friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. At the south corner of El Malecon, you’ll find The Satisfied Frog—come visit and you’ll understand why this hopper’s so happy!

The Fare and Atmosphere at the Satisfied Frog

The Satisfied Frog, run by “Crazy Ed,” is unabashedly American, and so you can expect to find plenty of Americans relaxing here and enjoying themselves, meeting other tourists or meeting up with friends in the area. The drinks are strong, so you can expect that to play into the atmosphere as well. The Satisfied Frog doesn’t open until noon, so you can expect it’s a place to relax. It closes at 11—a perfect marker for those who party hard but not too hard!

The American influence is most noticeable in the food—the Sunday fried chicken special is a hot seller, but prime rib, pizza, and other delights are equally sure to please those whose tastes never roam as far as their feet. Crazy Ed throws in Mexican influence wherever he feels like, with dishes like tequila loca pizza. Speaking of, the margaritas and tequilas here are another major draw—there is an excellent selection, with a bartender who knows his mixes.

Dining on the Beach

The building looks unassuming, but the views behind it are anything but. The shoreside location makes The Satisfied Frog great for relaxing with a drink and watching one of Mexico’s famous sunsets. Live music often plays on the patio, complementing the occasion. And even if you miss sunset, the ocean is beautiful to watch, day or night. If a meal by the sea is what you’re looking for, check out The Satisfied Frog!


The Satisfied Frog is just a hop away from anywhere in the southwest part of the city. However, it is on a one-way street, so you need to approach it from the north. You need to get on Circumvalacion y o Malecon Kino and take that south to its southern corner, where you’ll find the restaurant. You can take Mexico 8 all the way to that street.

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