If this is your first time travelling to Puerto Peñasco or “Rocky Point”, you may have lots of questions about vacationing here. You’ve probably heard some stuff that may or may not be true, and we at FMI Rentals are here to help you separate the facts from the fallacies. Here’s 10 tips designed to ensure that your Puerto Peñasco vacation is everything you dreamed it could be and so much more!

How Safe Are the Restaurants?

Decades ago, a trip to Rocky Point meant you had to carefully choose which restaurants were safe to eat at from a limited selection; one poor choice could mean the entire vacation would be spoiled for everyone. Today, careful attention is paid to ensure that your dining experiences are safe and so very tasty!

What About Street Food? The Tacos at that Taco Stand Look Delicious…

And they probably are! Just use common sense when partaking of street foods. If you wouldn’t trust it in America, give it a pass here. There will be plenty of other dining experiences that will keep you from feeling you missed out on something special!

Can I Drink the Water?

While many things have changed, some things stay the same. Avoid drinking the tap water during your stay, but enjoy as much of the bottled variety as you need!

Don’t Fight the Beach Crowds

Puerto Peñasco travel isn’t all about Spring Breakers going berserk; some stretches of beach (Las Conchas) along the Sea of Cortez have maintained an unspoiled purity that attracts visitors looking for peace and harmony.


Puerto Peñasco is a bustling port city rich in culture and as such offers plenty of urban activities to indulge in. Spend your days shopping for unique handmade Mexican crafts at the many colorful shops that dot the landscape.


You’re surrounded by water, why spend all your time on land? Fishing is an activity that is fun year-round. There’s a reason so many of the best Rocky Point Restaurants involve seafood; the catch of the day is fresh and tastes even better when you catch it yourself!

Whale Watching

January through March is the best time of year for whale watching, and many local charters take you out to the secret spots where the whales like to play. Check out Delmar Charters at www.delmarcharters.com for more information.

Kayaking and Kite Surfing and Banana Boats

Trust us, sometimes the craziest experiences end up being the most memorable! Kayaking and kite surfing offer truly breathtaking adventures, but if you feel like laughing, nothing will tickle your funny bone faster than a ride on the banana boat!

Party Like a Rockstar

It’s difficult to walk far without finding a nightclub where the music is loud, the people are beautiful, and the drinks will make you forget there’s a world beyond this rocking party spot right here! JJ’s Bar has been around forever; check it out and discover why!

Stay In and Play In Your FMI Rentals Vacation Home

Life is better at the beach. Sometimes, all you need is breathtaking water views, a glass of wine, and a soft place to rest. Book your FMI Rentals vacation home today and enjoying a day at home while on your unforgettable vacation!