When considering a vacation to Rocky Point, safety fears may have you second guessing your decision. Historically, traveling south of the border has left vacationers feeling vulnerable and unsure; how much fun can be had on a vacation that has you spending most of your time worrying about your personal safety? Fortunately, times do change, and while you should always be aware of your surroundings, if you follow these important tips, your Rocky Point vacation promises to be the trip of a lifetime and 100% safe!

Enter the Country Through the Lukeville Border

Fortunately, this border is safe and the people that patrol it are friendly. The process of entering Mexico is quite simple, just make sure you follow any instructions that are given. Being on your best behavior is important whenever you visit ANY foreign country; if you are well mannered and pleasant to deal with, the authorities will mirror your behavior. Traveling during daylight hours is recommended, and remember, the Lukeville border closes; it is only open from 6AM until midnight.

Traveling by shuttle may help relieve you of any fears you may have. Shuttle drivers make this trip hundreds of times a year and know all the ins and outs of Mexico travel. Finally, consider enrolling in STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) before beginning your Mexican adventure. Register online at www.travel.state.gov. This allows the American government to help you quicker if an emergency does occur during your trip.

Safety in Rocky Point

Your safety in Rocky Point is all about common sense and following your instincts; if something feels unsafe, assume that your gut is leading you in the right direction. Don’t flaunt your valuables, leave the expensive jewelry at home, and avoid deserted streets—especially at night. Rocky Point’s nightlife is fun and exciting, but make sure you follow the same safety rules you would at home. Don’t leave with a stranger, always keep your eyes on your drink, and remember there’s safety in numbers! Stay with your friends or family, and don’t overdo when it comes to alcohol consumption; intoxication makes you vulnerable!

At the End of the Day

You may even be safer at popular tourist destinations like Rocky Point than in your own hometown. Keep your FMI Rentals vacation home locked at all times; your Puerto Penasco safety is our top concern, and our homes are in safe neighborhoods, but there’s no sense in taking chances! Your Rocky Point vacation promises to be the best ever. All you need to do is book your FMI Rentals beach house today!

Things to Know Staying in Rocky Point Safety

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