In the 1920s, when Americans were flocking to Rocky Point for the free-flowing alcohol that was illegal in the United States, traveling to Rocky Point occurred in much the same way as today, with some variations: flying via private plane, driving to Rocky Point by car, or using a Rocky Point shuttle service. If the hassle of obtaining Mexican car insurance is one you just don’t feel like messing with, many Rocky Point shuttle companies offer shuttle services from Phoenix or Tucson for reasonable fees. And while some border restrictions have made it tougher to get in and out of Mexico, a trip to Puerto Peñasco is still one of the best ways to experience a tropical vacation without taking up a lot of your vacation time with travel. Just follow the simple rules and tips we’ve listed below to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

Driving to Rocky Point

The first and most important part of your drive to Rocky Point is ensuring that you obtain Mexican insurance prior to entering the country. Back in the day, the only way to do this was to stop in a border town and be at the mercy of their prices. Today, thanks to the invention of the internet, you can get your insurance online. AAA ( and Sanborns ( are two of the more popular sites. If you have forgotten, however, Lukeville, Arizona—a Rocky Point border town—offers quite a few spots where you can purchase the insurance before entering the country.

Another thing to watch for, once you’re in Rocky Point, is the speed limit. Local police will be quite happy to remind you that you have surpassed the limits, and the hefty fines associated with going over the limit can greatly inhibit your souvenir purchases! Posted speed limits are in kilometers; kilometer speed can generally be found in the smaller sized numbers on your speedometer.

Shuttle Services

Call us crazy, but we find that the Rocky Point shuttle services offered are the best way to start a stress-free Rocky Point vacation. No worries about insurance, no worries about speeding tickets, and napping is an option—something you may be very grateful for on your return trip! Most of the Rocky Point shuttle services available leave from Phoenix, but if you do some research, you may find some that leave from other parts of the state as well. Head Out to Rocky Point ( and Transporte Supremo ( are two of the more well-known services available for Phoenix travelers. You will need to carry your bags through customs, so make sure your suitcases have wheels if you are traveling via shuttle; this type is much easier to maneuver!

It Doesn’t Matter How You Get Here!

You’re going to have a great time, especially when you stay in one of our simply beautiful FMI Rentals homes! Book yours today and discover Rocky Point living as a local.