Traveling to different countries, including Mexico, involves learning the laws and customs of the area you are visiting and following them to the letter of the law, including the speed limits. Mexico is a poor country, and much like America during the old west days, they can sometimes get creative about ways to earn extra money! Whether you are legitimately speeding or it just isn’t your lucky day, we have compiled some tips to help you get through the situation as quickly and painlessly as possible—while retaining your sense of humor!

 Speed Limits Are Posted in Kilometers

Driving in Rocky Point It may take you a little bit to train your brain that that big 40 on the speed limit sign signifies your speed should be 25 miles per hour, but to save on your finances, it is imperative you learn the difference! On the old-fashioned dial speedometers, kilometers are noted in smaller numbers under the large mile per hour numbers, but in the newer cars with digital speedometers, you may have to actively program the change in. Refer to your auto manual for more information if you have a digital speedometer.

Fines Are Paid at the Police Station

We all get into that zone when driving and suddenly realize we are going much faster than we realized, especially when the kind police officers remind us with their flashing lights and wailing sirens! It happens at home and it can happen while on vacation, and if you have been ticketed, remember to stay calm, polite, and pay your fines at the police station!

On the Rare Occasion

You may discover that even though you have been meticulous about following the speed limits, you are still being pulled over. It happens, poverty sometimes demands creative earning procedures. If this happens to you, you have a couple of options but keep in mind that these officers are here to maintain Rocky Point safety.

In a less than legal speed trap situation, it is highly likely the officer will demand you make the payment right there. You can refuse politely, and say you want to pay at the station, at which point the officer may either motion you to continue happily on your way—sans ticket—or he may firmly suggest you pay him anyway. Many people continue to refuse, and many more decide it’s not worth the battle and pay the officer, thus ending the confrontation and allowing them to resume their normally scheduled, fun-filled vacation. Whichever route you decide to take, just remember to stay calm and well-behaved; there’s no reason to drive the fines up even higher!

FMI Rentals Has Your Back

We are here to make sure your Rocky Point vacation isn’t just fun and adventurous; we want you to be safe in Rocky Point and happy as well!  All you need to do is book your comfortably, cozy rental home today and start planning the adventure of a lifetime!

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