To ensure your continued Mexico safety and wellbeing while traveling to and around Rocky Point, there is a likelihood that you will encounter at least one police or military checkpoint. These checkpoints are there for good reason, and if you stay calm and well behaved, it will end quickly and soon become just another point of interest to talk about once you return home! Rocky Point is not often subject to the checkpoints, but if you choose to take a field trip outside of town just to see what Mexico has to offer, don’t be surprised if you come across one. Here are some tips to help you get through the experience with a minimum of inconvenience.

Stay Calm

The sight of young men dressed in full military regalia and carrying big guns as they wave you over to the side of the road can be frightening if not expected, but remember: they are here for your protection!

What Do They Want?

While Rocky Point is safer than some American towns, other areas of Mexico are home to drug cartels, and most likely the officers will be looking for drugs. Sometimes they are also looking for food items that have been transported illegally into the country. These offers are only here to improve safety in Mexico. They will be polite and professional as they ask you to open your glovebox, your trunk, and sometimes your suitcases. The police (the Federales) are known to have a great sense of humor and will probably crack a joke or two to help you feel comfortable. You can even joke back, if you feel like it, just avoid jokes about hidden drugs or guns; things can get real serious, really quick at that point!

Don’t get belligerent or loud

Americans have a reputation for being obnoxious, loud, condescending, and demanding when visiting foreign countries. When you are polite and helpful or even humorous about the situation, you are helping dispel this unwanted myth, and you are ensuring your checkpoint experience ends quickly and hassle-free.

What to Look For

The aforementioned men with big guns will be your first clue that you have come across a checkpoint, as will the tents, canopies, observation stands, and sandbags. When waved aside, do so cheerfully and quickly, and if it’s an especially hot day, don’t be afraid to offer a soda to the hardworking men; they will appreciate it!

Don’t Run or Try to Avoid the Checkpoint

The military have many options available to them to halt your flight; stop sticks, man power, or even gunfire if you are particularly stubborn, which is a high price to pay when most likely the worst thing you are guilty of is fear!

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