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3 Things to Try This Winter in Rocky Point

There are times when you just want to get away from the coldness of winter. Sure, experiencing the variations in seasons is enjoyable. However, there are times when it would be nice to have the feeling of the sun caressing your skin in the middle of the frigid, winter weather. If you are seeking a warm weather getaway, consider visiting Rocky Point in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Even during the winter season, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of things to do while you soak up the warm sunshine during your winter in Rocky Point.

Seashell Museum

Seashells are synonymous with the beach, so it comes as no surprise that Rocky Point has its very own Seashell Museum. Recently opened in January 2018, this quaint, quirky museum features tons of seashells found through Rocky Point from the private collection of the owner.There are also exhibits that offer information about local wildlife as well as the cultural influences of visitors in Rocky Point over the years. Admission to this museum is free. However, it is only open on Fridays.

Manny’s Tequila Factory

What’s a trip to Mexico without a visit to an authentic tequila factory? While in Rocky Point, you must stop by Manny’s Tequila Factory to learn how this popular spirit is made. The owner Fernando, also known as Manny, provides lively, entertaining tours of his facility. Patrons get the opportunity to learn how tequila is made and taste samples during the visit. Make sure to check out the tequila-themed furniture as well as the tequila-infused foods such as the tequila fries while visiting.

Book Your Stay to Spend Your Winter in Rocky Point

It is always the season for shopping! In Rocky Point, Cholla Mall offers the easy-going shopping experience for those that want to explore a different side of Rocky Point when you spend your winter in Rocky Point. Cholla Mall has a laid-back vibe that many visitors enjoy due to the fact that this is where the locals shop. Many visitors describe the merchants here to be “less pushy” when offering their goods and services for sale. You’ll be able to find just about anything here from house decorations to jewelry to locally handcrafted items and tequila. The prices are also more reasonable at Cholla Mall when compared to the other tourist-centered shopping areas in Rocky Point. This mall is worth visiting for the experience and quality items.

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