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5 Fun Facts About Rocky Point

Rocky Point, or Puerto Peñasco, is a terrific place to go for a getaway just about any time of year. However, it is also a destination with a rich history and lots of great fun facts.

A Rich Seaworthy History

Puerto Peñasco was founded in 1928, and had its start as a tiny fishing village. Over the years, people started visiting the area and it quickly became a tourist destination, especially for spring breakers from Arizona and California. You can see the area’s early fishing roots with tourist attractions such as the Oyster Farms and many seafood-based eateries.

It was Named by an English Navy Officer

The town received its name when a visiting English Navy officer saw and named the iconic sea point Old Town Rocky Point. Soon after his visit, Spanish naval charts and maps named the point “Punta Peñasco.” Oh, and this naval officer was sailing the coastline searching for pearls.

Its Location is Convenient!

Rocky Point is a very popular destination because it is so easy to get to from the border of the United States. The most direct route is through the Arizona entry point in Lukeville. You can also cross the border in California at San Luis Rio Colorado. Also, you can now get to Rocky Point via air flights. Flights recently began coming and going from areas throughout Mexico into the local Mar de Cortes International Airport.

There’s a UNESCO Site Here

The El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve was recently named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which gives the town regional and international fame. One of the coolest facts about the Biosphere Reserve is that it was used as a NASA training site. Astronauts training for a moon landing used this area to simulate the moon’s landscape.

Other Fascinating Facts

There are so many other interesting facts about Rocky Point, with some of the most notable being:

• American mobster Al Capone frequently traveled to Rocky Point during prohibition. You can see the history of his travels and more information at “Capone’s Pizza Place” or at the La Roca hotel in Old Town.

• Cholla Bay did not have electricity until the year 2000!

• You can find fireworks for sale all over Rocky Point

If you want even more information and fun facts about Rocky Point, just ask one of our friendly team members at FMI Rentals. We want to make our guests feel at home here and we are pleased to share our local knowledge!