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5 Reasons to Visit Rocky Point in 2017

The end of the holiday season often signifies the beginning of the boredom season. Winter stretches out before you, seemingly unending, with nothing to look forward to for months. This is why you need to start planning your 2017 Rocky Point vacation today! Adding “travel more” to your list of resolutions helps guarantee that you will complete at least one goal, and when you choose Rocky Point as your travel destination, you’re guaranteed a vacation of a lifetime! Keep reading for a list of reasons Rocky Point should top your 2017 travel list.

You Deserve a Chance to Relax!

The holidays are rough on everyone and now that you made it through, it’s time to reap the rewards in beautiful Mexico! Latinos invented the siesta (our second favorite “iesta” word!) and there’s no better place to slow down the pace than in this beautiful seaside village.

The Beach

There’s something special about being on the oceanfront. You start your days with a quiet walk along the sandy shores of the Sea of Cortez, then move on to swimming as the day progresses. Ride the banana boats, fish off the piers, or just sit under a colorful umbrella with your favorite beach read; there’s no rules as to how you should spend your time at the beach. 2017 is destined to be your year and you can spend it however you want!

The Food

Every beach town offers tasty seafood; the ocean is their backyard, how could they not? But only in Rocky Point can you enjoy the fruits of a sea with a distinctly Latino twist. Sample fish tacos, lobster burritos, or just enjoy your seafood grilled and served with simple Mexican spices; it’s all going to be fresh and it will all be delicious!

Tourist Activities

CET-MAR Aquariums offers an up close and personal view of the ocean’s wildlife. Sea turtles, octopi, and other creatures of the sea make their home in this unique aquarium located at 43 Las Conchas Road. It is a fun way to while away a few vacation hours, but that’s not all Rocky Point has to offer! Spend your days shopping in eclectic and colorful stores, kayaking and snorkeling the waters, and your nights enjoying the incredible nightlife; the clubs are hopping and stay open until the wee hours of the morning!

Chilling in Your FMI Rentals Vacation Home

Sometimes, all you want to is stay home and enjoy the comfort and style of your romantic vacation home. FMI Rentals vacation homes offer everything you need to relax and recharge with the ones you love most. Book yours today and start 2017 out the right way!