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Best Beaches for Swimming in Rocky Point

Rocky Point is known far and wide for its gorgeous waters and its abundance of beaches. It might be hard to decide which beach to visit while you’re here since so many people have different favorites! It all depends on what you want to do there, whether it’s fishing, kayaking, swimming, or more. If you’re here to swim, you’ll definitely want to visit our idea of the best beaches in Rocky Point:

Tucson Beach

Tucson Beach is located in Cholla Bay and is home to calm waters and gentle tides. This makes it a great candidate for a beach visit from those of you who love swimming as much as we do. When the tide goes down, you’ll even get to see some tide pools, and the rocks that the tide leaves behind becomes resting place to families of seals too, which is always a fun sight and sound.

Las Conchas

Las Conchas is easily accessible to the public, and you’ll also find barbecues and palapas here for you to relax in and cook up delicious meals between bouts of swimming. Keep an eye out for fun surprises in the water while you’re swimming, like crabs and shrimp and seashells and sand dollars. This beach was named for its plethora of seashells (Las Conchas translate to “the shells”), so you’ll probably find quite a few beautiful ones while you’re out swimming.

Playa Encanta

Right on the other side of the estuary where Las Conchas ends is Playa Encanta. This beach is wide, covered in the softest of beach sand, and free of gritty rocks below your bare feet as you swim. It’s the perfect place to dive-in carefree and enjoy the gorgeous waters of the Sea of Cortez. This beach is a little more secluded, so if you like to swim with fewer people in the water, put Playa Encanta on your itinerary.

Sandy Beach

This is one of the most popular and best beaches in Rocky Point, and you’ll see why once you arrive. Don’t miss out on this beach just because there might be a crowd! You’ll get the quintessential Rocky Point beach experience here. The vendors ashore offer everything from fresh chile-and-lime-dusted mangoes on a stick to locally crafted jewelry to hair braiding. The water itself is one of the best places to swim. The way the sand gently slopes into the sea and stays shallow close to shore makes it an easy and peaceful swim, and ideal for families with kids.

Stay with FMI Rentals and Enjoy the Best Beaches in Rocky Point

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