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silhouette of cyclist on a trail during sunset

Best Bike Trails in Rocky Point

Rocky Point, Mexico, one of the most popular vacation spots in Mexico, is full of sandy beaches, clear oceans, and all the fun to be had around town. Outdoor sporting activities are another popular attraction to the area for visitors. The surrounding area is full of various hiking and biking trails to keep you busy for days. It is easy just to head out of town and explore the wonderful terrain of the Mexico coastline. If you are a mountain bike enthusiast, you need to check out these biking trails in Rocky Point during your next visit.

El Pinacate

One of the best mountain biking trails that can be found close to Rocky Point is El Pinacate. This circuit form trail is approximately 10 miles in length at the intersection of the Batamote Mountain and Sonoyta River. The trail is considered difficult due to several hills that make up the trail, so bringing the kids might be inadvisable. Visitors can enjoy this trail with a $5 fee per day from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Elegante Crater

If you and your family are interested in exploring a group of ancient volcanic peaks, head on over to the trails at Elegante Crater. This crater is part of the Pinacate Reserve located just outside of Rocky Point. This biosphere is host to a variety of wildlife and gorgeous desert landscape. The crater makes a fantastic bike trek along the rim, starting from the entrance and ending where you started. The children will love all of the wonderful sightseeing. Just think of how cool it is to bike on what was once a volcano. Once you are done biking around the crater, make sure you explore the rest of this natural park.

Biking Down the Coast

Another great pastime for biking enthusiasts is taking a spin down the coastline of Rocky Point. During low tide, you can ride out and explore what wildlife the tides have left behind. You can enjoy picturesque moments as the sun rises or sets along the sea line. Thicker tires are recommended, as the sand will be softer and make it more difficult to peddle on thin frames. If you do not have your own biking gear, you can check out one of the many local shops that have rentals available. Make sure to ask them about different tire sizes if you plan on biking down the coast. Have a great time exploring this beautiful area on your mountain bike and relax in one of our comfortable vacation rentals.