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Best Places To Eat On The Cheap During Your Rocky Point Vacation

Vacations are times of rest, relaxation, and recreation, but just because you are having a great time in your FMI Rentals beachfront villa, it doesn’t mean there will be no stress—especially when it comes to your vacation budget. Accommodations, souvenirs, and tickets for attractions are all expenses that can cause you to wince a little when open your wallet, but dining costs can be the biggest budget buster of them all!

It’s tough to finance the dining habits of just one person every meal for every day of your vacation; add in the husband, kids, and your own parents, who being the great sports that they are, have come along to help babysit your children…how can you expect to make them pay for their meals? Fortunately, a Rocky Point vacation is inexpensive to begin with, and when you eat where the locals eat, you will find yourself putting far less strain on that wallet that is beginning to feel a little too light! Here’s some of our favorite cheap local eateries—enjoy!

Xochitl’s Café – Manzana 43 | Lote 1a

You know how to find the least expensive restaurants in town? Take a look at their guests; if the restaurant is filled with locals, you know that the food there is guaranteed to be not just inexpensive, but delicious, too, and Xochitl’s is where all the locals fill their stomachs! Popular as a breakfast spot, their homemade tortillas are perfect for sopping up the yolks of their huevos!

Pollo Lucas, Centro, 83550

Eat family style in this large, mostly open-air restaurant famous throughout Rocky Point for serving hearty meals at prices that won’t break your budget! The charbroiled chicken is so good, you’ll find yourself going back again and again, and the ice-cold sodas served in glass bottles are refreshing in the summer heat.

Tacos Chuy, Mexico, Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez 223, Luis Donaldo Colosio

Another way of determining that the price is right when dining out in Mexico is discovering that they only accept cash, and the crowds of people who gather at this inexpensive taco stand in the heart of the town, obviously know a good deal when they taste one!

Mary’s Seafood, Circunvalación y o Malecón Kino, El Puerto

When you live near the water, seafood is easily accessible, which succeeds in bringing down the cost quite a bit! Mary’s Seafood features the least expensive fish tacos in town. Feeling a little daring? You have to try the camarones ala diabla; just remember, frozen margaritas help put out the fire in your mouth!

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