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Why Choose FMI Rentals for Property Management

Renting out your vacation property is a great way to add additional revenue throughout the year. Guests can come in and rent out your listing during the times of year that you typically do not stay there. Like most property owners, you may experience the difficulty of maintaining your property when not living in the direct area. At FMI Rentals, your rental property is taken care of with extreme care using our rental property management services. Using our management services, you will never again worry about your Puerto Peñasco rental property.

In-Depth Property Management Services

FMI Rentals offer some of the best services to those looking to maintain their rental listings. Potential guests will first notice the newly redesigned website that is attractive to the eye while providing specific details about your unit. Our website makes it even easier for renters to answer all of their questions without needing to speak with you. At FMI Rentals, we pride ourselves in making sure your vacation property is properly cleaned and maintained between guest reservations. Each vacation listing reflects the high standards we set with our cleanliness and appearance to keep your guests returning for future visits.

Perks for the Owners, Too

Not only does FMI Rentals make sure that your listing is ready for rent, but we also strive to make sure we can make being a property owner as easy for you as well. One perk available for vacation owners is letting us do the bill pay for you. No longer will you have to worry about getting those bills mailed in on time. FMI Rentals makes sure that each bill is handled on time, letting you be worry free. Our upgraded website also allows property owners to retrieve monthly statements about your property’s reservations and maintenance scheduling. You can take a look at how we have been handling your property from the comfort of your (other) home.

Services for Owners Who Do Not Rent

If you are a homeowner in the Rocky Point area and are not looking to rent your property, do not sweat! FMI Rentals offers similar services so you, too, can experience the convenience of property management services. Through FMI Rentals, you can experience a high standard of cleanliness and appearance for your property while making any necessary maintenance, so you can enjoy your home while we do the work. Bill paying is also offered with a routine home check to ensure that your property is in good order. Property needs and costs differ by the unit, so make sure to give FMI Rentals a call today for your property management services!