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Christmas 2019 in Rocky Point

In Rocky Point, Christmas is an exciting time of year. We don’t celebrate things by halves here, so get ready for some fun and relaxation and a bright, holiday spirit that presides over the entire town. Rocky Point is the perfect escape, especially if you’re coming from a colder climate. Here are some of our favorite things to do during Christmas in Rocky Point.

Relax by the Sea in the Morning

Start your day with a hot cup of coffee and a slow morning in the company of the ones you love most. Once you’re ready for the rest of your Christmas in Rocky Point, head down to the beach! We have plenty of rentals near the water, and you’ll want to take full advantage of your proximity to the ocean. The weather here stays temperate year-round, which means a visit to the beach is a viable option on Christmas day. This is one of our favorite ways to get in the spirit of fun and relaxation. Try Playa Hermosa, Las Conchas, or Playa Encanta for a truly enchanting experience.

Walk the Malecon in the Afternoon

At most beach cities in Mexico you’ll find a Malecon like this, and we like to think of ours as the best. Think of El Malecon as the community center point of the city, where you can gather and shop the shops, explore the festive area, listen to the sounds of mariachi, and eat delicious food together. Grab your Christmas lunch while you’re here. As a shopping district situated right on the water, you’ll be able to head to the waterside as the evening falls on Rocky Point and watch the sun setting over the sparkling Sea of Cortez. This is one way to end Christmas with a bang!

End Christmas in Rocky Point in Comfort

As a family-oriented community, there won’t be a ton of dining establishments open on Christmas day. The best gift you could give yourself would be to plan ahead by picking up some local food and cooking up a big Christmas dinner feast for the family in your cozy rental.

Feliz Navidad from the FMI Rentals family!

Somewhere in Rocky Point is the gorgeous rental home with your name on it, waiting for your arrival this holiday season. Get in touch with us today at (602) 288-8609 (US) or (602) 388-0773 (MX) and we’ll help you take the first step toward your 2019 Rocky Point Christmas getaway.