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Explore Bird Island Near Rocky Point, Mexico

SeaLion-bird island- rocky pointTwenty-eight miles of the coast of Rocky Point, Mexico is a remote island which is home to thousands and thousands of birds and over 3,000 sea lions who bask on its shores and swim in the waters nearby. This special island, known as “Bird Island” is protected by the government as a declared “Reserved Area of Shelter” in an effort to protect its exotic inhabitants, so people are not allowed to step foot on the island itself, however, visitors to Rocky Point can book a boat tour around the island. Even without stepping onto the island itself, those who experience this unique boat tour can catch a glimpse of bird species that can be found only off the Sea of Cortez which makes this adventure a very special experience.

Tours for Bird Island can be booked in a number of ways. Those who want to get as up close and personal as possible without wandering the island itself can sign up for a scuba diving or snorkeling tour which allows them an opportunity to see sea lions and other underwater marine life face to face. Sea lions are naturally very friendly and curious creatures so for some lucky snorkelers and scuba divers, sea lions may swim right up to them to get to know them better. This can make for an unforgettable experience in which guests can go home and tell their friends and family how they swam with wild sea lions in the Sea of Cortez. Those who would rather remain inside a boat while exploring have the option of renting a kayak to explore the perimeter of the island while controlling your own pace and direction. Kayakers should be sure to not get too close to the bank where sea lions are basking in the sun as these creatures are territorial and may begin to bark and show aggression to those who get too close to their home. Aside from kayaks, tour guides are available as well to take groups of people on a boat toward the island while sharing facts about the birds and the island itself.

Though Bird Island is an amazing place to visit no matter the season, visitors who come between October and April have a higher chance of spotting whales during their tour. Many types of whales who are migrating during this season might be seen including the possible killer whale, grey whale, fin whale or even a pilot whale. Even if a whale isn’t spotted during your adventure, your trip to Bird Island will be one you never forget.