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Enjoy time on the beach when staying in our rentals in Rocky Point

Family Friendly Features of Our Rentals in Rocky Point

It is always the right time to start planning your annual family vacation, but when every day starts to run together, with nothing happening to help distinguish it from the 37 before, you may begin to realize that you need to do something NOW! And while you could go to that amusement park you see in the commercials on television, we think you should think bigger, global even, and explore what a vacation south of the border can bring. Want to make it even better? A stay in one of our FMI Rentals family escapes located on the beaches of beautiful Rocky Point promises to be that something extra that takes an ordinary getaway and turns it into an extraordinary journey filled with rest, relaxation, and family adventures you will never get enough of in our rentals in Rocky Point!

Welcoming and Comfortable

Vacation homes are designed to be your home away from home, but not all vacation homes are created equal. FMI Rentals understands the stress that traveling with children can bring, and our properties are built to spoil and comfort all who enter their doors. Spend some time showing your son the joys of cooking as you create your favorite meals in the fully equipped kitchens or finally take the time to learn the intricacies of Dungeons and Dragons when you gather round the large dining room table playing the game with your kids. The living rooms, designed to be lived in, offer the space to watch television, play a game of charades, or simply discuss the adventures you are having south of the border! Here is where you can practice your Spanish (“Dónde está el baño” is an especially important phrase to master!) or take a much-needed nap after riding the banana boats on a fun filled Thursday afternoon.

The patio overlooking the sea, if you planned right, is where you will spend more than a fair portion of your stay, as you watch the sun rise and set, grill up the catch of the day, or sit and watch the littles play in the sand. Walk a few steps further and join them, building sandcastles at shore’s edge, knowing the sea will wash it all away before long! The Sea of Cortez is your backyard during your stay, and the fun had here will create memories that last a lifetime.

At the end of the day, tucking your tuckered out tikes into bed gives parents some much needed time alone. Pour a glass of wine and head back to the patio and sit for a while, letting the sounds of the Gulf calm your soul and ready you for your own night’s slumber. Our FMI Rentals family homes offer peaceful bedrooms designed to give occupants a long night’s sleep; only happy dreams are accepted here!

Viva Puerta Peñasco!

Not all adventures have to be held in the comfort of your FMI Rentals vacation home away from home. Exploring the culture and beauty of Rocky Point is rewarding and exciting! Spend some of your hours browsing shops filled with handmade treasures and pick up a few memories to carry back home: a terra cotta and metal sun that reminds you of your time in the sun, a colorful blanket that warms you against the cold of a northern winter, or some beautiful silver jewelry that will shine against your tanned skin. Your children, not normally appreciative of shopping, will find some treasures of their own, including an oversized sombrero made of velvet and shiny fake jewels that makes them giggle uncontrollably!

Dinners at Balboas, a local family restaurant, features seafood, Mexican specialties, and for children who just have not developed an adventurous palate as of yet, an American menu that will suit just fine. Located at Av. Plutarco Elías Calles 89, Balboas, the food is delicious and the waterfront views are spectacular! The Aquariam Mar de Cortez, Benito Juárez, 83554, is home to sea creatures of all shapes and sizes, but the giant shark’s head filled with teeth is always a favorite for the youngsters and makes the perfect photo opportunity as playful children stand inside, knowing they are safe standing in the mouth of an artificial shark, especially with mom and dad standing nearby!

A Journey of Family Fun When You Stay in Our Rentals in Rocky Point

Time moves on and families grow and change; the family you are sitting with right now won’t be the same a dozen years from now, so why wait to do something this special? Memories are waiting to be made, photos are waiting to be taken, and laughter is waiting to explode from the mouths of your sweet offspring! Reserve your FMI Rentals family escape today and create an adventure you wish would never end. After the year you have just experienced, don’t you deserve some happy adventures?