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Most Festive Things to Do in Rocky Point

There is that traditional Christmas scenario that many have in mind: Sitting by a roaring fire with hot cocoa in hand, opening those brightly wrapped presents, followed by a delicious holiday feast. The holiday season is a great time to gather family around to celebrate. However, this may be the year you gather the family and friends, pack up, and head off to Puerto Peñasco. You could be creating a new holiday tradition!

Instead of preparing for the snowy slopes, you can be prepping for some sandy, sunny beaches! You’ll love being enveloped in the warm sea breezes. Imagine opening your presents out on a veranda or deck while watching the waves lap the shores. Instead of shushing down the slopes, how about you rent a jet ski and ride the waves? Or maybe you go out for a bit of snorkeling or maybe some wildlife watching at Bird Island.

Christmas in Mexico actually starts on December 1st, followed by 12 days of pilgrimages. People will be walking and carrying the Virgin Mary or a Nativity scene through the streets to reach the Guadalupe Church. Each day’s parade starts in a different place, and some may even start with fireworks. This is a terrific way to immerse yourself into the local Hispanic holidays and traditions.

Hispanic Festivals and Spectacles Abound

Don’t worry that you won’t see the holiday festivities you are familiar with. Each year, Rocky Point decorates the Plaza de la Madre in a light spectacular. You can watch the lighting or just come out and enjoy the lights. You can also enjoy a variety of concerts featuring Christmas songs sung in both Spanish and English. Pick up some presents at the local shops that offer hand-crafted jewelry, pottery, and more.

Create a Feast with Local Flavors

While staying in Rocky Point for the holidays, you can create a new feast. Go out and shop for local seafood and flavors. You might start with large shrimp or even fresh oysters available at the oyster farms. And don’t forget about the tequila factory!

Holiday Accommodations from FMI Rentals

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