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Nature Watching in Rocky Point

Rocky Point is a wonderful vacation destination, especially if you are a nature enthusiast. There are several great ways to take in in all the great creatures — big and small.

Whale Watching Galore

Imagine watching majestic whales frolicking in the gorgeous waters of the Sea of Cortez. During whale watching season from January to March, you can catch glimpses of humpback and grey whales as they take to the sea on their journey from Alaska and the Beaufort Sea. These amazing creatures make a trip of 12,000 miles to make the warm waters their home, which are the perfect environment for the whales to give birth. While you may be able to see them from land, the best option is to book a whale watching trip from one of the local companies. In addition to whales, many of these local tour companies offer dolphin watching and sightseeing tours as well.

Get in Some Bird Watching

If you are a birding enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the Rocky Point Bird Observatory. Here, you can observe many of the migratory birds that make Rocky Point their home during different times of the year. The Observatory also holds several special events throughout the year. Also, bird watchers will love a visit to Bird Island, where you can see marine swallows, blue-footed boobies, and many other species. Again, there are several tour companies that can help you enjoy birding in Rocky Point.

Grab a Glimpse of Underwater Nature

Rocky Point is a very popular destination for those who want to experience underwater marine life. You can experience the underwater beauties with snorkeling, diving, and scuba diving adventures. Rocky Point is actually known as the “largest aquarium in the world” because of the waters of the Sea of Cortez. You can dive right from the beaches or take an excursion. There are also great schools that can help you learn to dive and snorkel. There are also several nature areas in Rocky Point where you can watch the natural wonders of the area. These included walking and hiking paths, along with beach and seaside areas.

Let FMI Rentals Guide You

If you want to know more about the nature found in Rocky Point, just ask one of our knowledgeable staff members at FMI Rentals. We are well acquainted with the entire area, and can give you tips and points about the best places to do some nature watching!