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New Years, New Port: Cruise Port Coming to Rocky Point!

2017 is the date for a new Rocky Point port opening. Spurred by a dramatic increase in tourism, the port is projected to aid with the reception of visitors, with the thought of catching up to Rocky Point’s sister vacation towns Puerto Vallarta and Cancun.

The vessels using the new port will offer a scenic experience as travelers are carted across the waters into the tourist section of Rocky Point. With 40 million dollars going into its production so far, it’s sure to be a nice ride.  Further expansion is planned into the future, with the hope for ships that can support 3,000 passengers.

A Cruise Port Sailin’ the Economy to New Heights

Looking at the stats one can understand the need for new cruise routes. The year 2009 saw a recession until traveler’s regained speed in 2013, jumping from a former 17.8 million cruisers to 21.3 million (a three-million person increase, greater than 15%). This returning influx of tourism is anticipated to help restore the town to a better state, and it already has to a degree, providing a significant number of construction jobs during its push to completion.  Better yet, with the ports completion in two years, there’s an estimate of an additional 7,500 job. And of course, there’s the major bump that will occur in the value of real estate.

However, not everyone is on board. Dissenters argue that the port will be negative on the water life, forcing relocation of plants such as sponges and reefs as well as disrupting existing nests.  Fisherman see this as especially a problem and have assertively begun a plan with officials to contain what otherwise may be a pure loss for their trade.

If the projections are right and there is an influx of 3,000 people per week, then Rocky Point will hold its significance for a long time going. The majority of this Rocky Point market is anticipated to come from Arizona, but anyone can go along for the ride. One boat departs from Sea of Cortez, not too far for the central states.

FMI Rentals Is Prepared for Any Changes

The good news is one doesn’t need to worry about all these details beyond the fact vacations will get better and better in one-of-a-kind Rocky Point. Head on down to this Mexican hotspot for a fun-filled time, or start planning your next cruise where you’ll land in this, soon-to-be booming, location.