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Outdoor Rocky Point Activities to Enjoy

As we all begin to learn how to navigate the “new normal,” many of us have taken advantage of the downtime to start planning our annual vacation. We’ve done virtual tours of exotic locales, browsed our way through vacation rentals online, and now we are able to make the final arrangements. It’s time to choose our vacation rentals and purchase tickets, especially as air fare flights are so outrageously cheap, and if your journey brings you to Rocky Point this year, your “studies” have already shown you that FMI Rentals offers the perfect vacation accommodations! To help make your trip even better, we’ve prepared this guide to outdoor Rocky Point activities that will ensure your Rocky Point getaway is one you will never want to end!

Take Part in a Rocky Point Tradition

The banana boats are an activity loved by all, and as you hold on tight to the giant banana being pulled by a speed boat, you’ll soon understand why this adventure has become a Rocky Point tradition! With the sun beating down on your shoulders and the waters of the sea beneath keeping you cool, this adventure offers a thrill everyone in your family will enjoy!

Explore Nature with a Visit to a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A beach vacation usually involves sand in one way or another, but in Rocky Point it’s not just the beaches that leave a little extra sand in your shoes; The El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve is a sandy site that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Offering sand dunes and lava flows in red and black (don’t worry, they are all dormant) a drive to this educational spot will definitely be a highlight in your Mexican getaway.

Practice Your Photography Skills

There’s always something beautiful to take pictures of in the Rocky Point area, and whether you are practicing your sultry selfie pics or just want a great picture to document your stay south of the border, Malecon Fundadores is the perfect place to do so! This waterfront spot located at Circunvalacion y o Malecon Kino 18 features benches to sit and enjoy the views of the Sea of Cortez, a statue honoring the shrimp fishermen who helped put Rocky Point on the map, and large colorful letters that spell out Peñasco for your photography pleasure. This could be the family Christmas card photo that makes everyone jealous of your family’s adventures!

Visit an Aquarium

The Acuario Penasco isn’t one of the biggest aquariums you may have visited, nor is it a total outdoor activity, but it’s charm and warmth will supersede any language restrictions you may have! Learn how turtles lay their eggs, stand inside the mouth of a giant shark (not a real one, of course!) and spend a few hours examining the sea creatures who make their home here! The sea horses and sting rays are especially interesting to us, but you may prefer the starfish and jellyfish displays!

Rocky Point ATV Rentals

Of course, you don’t have to go all the way to Mexico to enjoy the thrill of an ATV ride, but it sure gives you bragging rights when you do, and there are lots of places from which you can rent one. Manuel’s Quad ATV Rentals is a popular business, offering instructions on how to handle the vehicles and directions of where you can ride—just remember that beach riding of ATVs is forbidden!

Under the Glow of the Moon

If you’ve never experienced the peace and quiet of a moonlight walk on the bench, now is the perfect time to try it! The roar of the surf, and the quiet of a beach empty of all the daytime visitors is hard to stay away from, and although you may not be doing anything more special than holding hands with the one you love, this quiet walk promises to be one of the more unforgettable activities of your stay. Calming and peaceful, nothing smooths out the jagged edges better, except for a sunrise walk, of course, but not many people are willing to wake up that early while on vacation!

Explore the Amenities of Your FMI Rentals Vacation Escape

Not all outdoor adventures have to take place outside the boundaries of your FMI Rentals property; many of our units come with pools and barbecue areas that add to the fun of your getaway. Plan a party with your family, enjoying the catch of the day (caught by you on a fishing expedition earlier in your trip!) and just spend the day in your fabulous casa! The interiors are designed with style and comfort, but the outside has just one purpose: to provide even more fun and entertainment during your south of the border journey! Reserve your stay with us today!