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Spend Labor Day 2022 In Rocky Point, Mexico

The beauty of a long weekend is not just in knowing that you can sleep in for 3 mornings it is the freedom of having just enough extra days off to go somewhere you have never been before or to head back to your favorite place to escape to! Rocky Point in Mexico may seem like an unusual place to celebrate an all-American holiday, such as Labor Day, but in our minds, it is absolutely perfect. Offering no temptation to check out the office, no neighborhood kids knocking at your door bright and early wanting to play, and no obligation to do anything whatsoever, the only thing better than escaping to Rocky Point for the Labor Day weekend is choosing FMI Rentals for your holiday hideaway! This guide to a fun-filled and relaxing holiday journey to Rocky Point may entice you into a new tradition, that of spending every holiday south of the border!

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Get a Massage This Labor Day in Rocky Point

You are destined to spend a lot of time at the beach during your Labor Day adventures so why not enjoy a massage there as well? After a long work week made even longer as you stayed late trying to get everything caught up before leaving and all the hassles you faced along the route to paradise, you deserve a little extra pampering and Lucy’s Clinic and Spa, Sinaloa y calle 10, aims to do just that. Offering a variety of spa treatments, it is the opportunity to enjoy a sunrise massage as the waves of the Gulf lull you into a deeper state of relaxation, made even more wonderful by the hands of the talented masseuse working on your aching muscles!

Another way to Enjoy a Sunrise

The beauty of Rocky Point’s beaches needs just one more thing to make them the most beautiful place on earth; to be viewed at sunrise (or sunset!) Chances are you have chosen one of our beachfront escapes to make your own during this idyllic Labor Day in Rocky Point, giving you choices on how to view the greatest show in town! Simply step out on your balcony with freshly brewed coffee in hand, seat yourself where the views of the water and the sky are the most spectacular and proceed to watch the sky evolve from inky black to dusky pink, to the clear azure blue that signifies daylight has arrived and you can crawl back into bed for a couple more hours of Zzzzz’s! Or walk out onto the sandy beaches, feeling the soft sands squeeze between your toes and marveling at the powerful gulf waters ebbing and flowing as they crash against the shore.

Fly Through the Sky

No, we aren’t suggesting you suddenly sprout wings or that you rent a helicopter to fly over the sea. Rocky Point Zipline has become one of the top adventures in our gulf front village, taking guests on a safe and scenic trip over the dunes and the sea! Offering stopping points at the most scenic spots along the way, the views from 150 feet up in the air will never cease to amaze! Make your reservations by calling 480-372-8282 today!

Under the Sea

If you have been to Rocky Point before (or even if you haven’t) there is still one area many people have not explored and that is the life under the sea! Snorkeling is an extremely popular summertime activity and Del Mar Charters can help you achieve your goal of trying something new! Their Bird Island adventures include the opportunity to kayak and snorkel and include lunch, beers, margaritas, and soft drinks (including bottled water) ensuring that your day on the island is everything you hoped it would be!


The prices in Rocky Point are always good, so no need to worry about waiting for the Labor Day sales. Every shop is filled with colorful art, fun tchotchkes, and beach accessories and as you head to Rocky Point’s version of Rodeo Drive, Cholla Mall, you will definitely wish you had more room in your luggage for your return trip home!

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Your Labor Day Barbecue with FMI Rentals

Of course not every adventure needs to be enjoyed away from home; our FMI Rentals vacation escapes are designed to be an integral part of the vacation experience, ensuring that every minute of your stay with us will be the best one! Offering rooftop patios, private pools, and beachfront views that will make your heart skip a beat, our homes provide the best way to celebrate a day of no labor with your family and friends. Stock up at the local Costco, grill up the catch of the day, and relax with margaritas in hand as your kiddos practice their cannonballs in the private pool! Not every FMI Rentals property has its own pool, so be sure to reserve your vacation dream home come true today before someone else snatches it up!