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The Most Picturesque Beaches in Rocky Point


Beautiful Beaches of Rocky Point

Rocky Point is home to stunning, white sand beaches, where you could simply dream your life away. On the other end of the spectrum, thrill seekers don’t have to go far to find the biggest tides barreling against the ocean floor. It’s a place of many paradoxes, like having a desert perched against the sea.

If you’re up for a vacation in this intriguing landscape, here are some of the most visited beaches in the area:

  • Sandy Beach – is situated on the northern lines of Rocky Point, Mexico. Along this beach, you’ll find Playa Bonita and Hermosa, which as the names suggest, are beautiful and handsome. Sandy Beach is also home to luxury hotels, golf courses, and other places to see. It’s also an ideal wedding venue and getaway.
  • Mirador Beach – is rugged and beautiful, and is a great place to sight see, with the help of a tour guide. Local experts recommend paying attention to weather warnings, and checking safety levels before visiting.

Because beaches offer the perfect getaway to enjoy nature, party hard, and soak up in the sun, you don’t need to go in the water. Instead, you can hop through the local bars and attractions that line the shore. The most popular draw are the mouthwatering foods, caught fresh for the day.

  • Bahia La Choya – is great for adventure lovers, and mainly vacationers who enjoy fishing, sailing, golfing, or partaking in family friendly occasions.

Other popular beaches include Playa Encanto, Playa Diamante, Playa San Jorge, and many others. Some tides can reach up to 25 feet – so be safe!

About Rocky Point, New Mexico

Rocky Point is more popularly known as Puerto Panesco, New Mexico. The attraction has a ton of activities to partake in, including water sports like kayaking, snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing, diving, scuba diving, boating, whale watching during in-seasons, and much more.

The food is exceptional and the climate charming. Shopping venues range from upscale to authentic local markets

When to Visit and What to Do

Beach lovers may ask about the best time to visit certain beaches. The answer depends on your most favorite pastime. Some examples include:

  • Winter – during December until Mid-March, patrons visit mostly for the best windsurfing conditions.
  • Summer Seasons – are ideal for peaceful and fruitful fishing.

Whale Watching also happens in the wintertime, where visitors see the splendor of nature unfold before their eyes.