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Have a fun Rocky Point Halloween when you stay with FMI

Things to Do for Halloween in Rocky Point

It may surprise you to learn that Halloween isn’t a specifically American holiday, and even though the larger celebration is generally Day of the Dead, Mexican children love dressing up in costumes and begging for candy as much as American kids do! Although you may not be planning to do any trick or treating during your stay, this guide to the fun and excitement you can have will ensure that every minute of your stay will be ones you remember forever, especially when you choose one of our FMI Rentals seasonal sanctuaries to come home to every night. Offering a welcoming ambience and a comfortable lifestyle, our properties are at their best when you and your family chooses them to be your home away from home. And remember, this guide to fun things you can do is just a suggestion; it is your vacation and you can spend this Rocky Point Halloween any way you want!

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Boo Bar Cantina, Circunvalación y o Malecón Kino

Live music is always offered on Saturday nights, so chances are your celebration of Halloween will take place on October 30, and what better place to explore the spookiest holiday of the year than by a visit to the Boo Bar Cantina? Dress up in your scariest costumes if you want or simply go as you are; there are no rules as to how you have to celebrate any of the holidays south of the border, and if they call you on your lack of costume, (They won’t, we promise!) just say that you have dressed as an American tourist visiting Mexico for the first time! No make-up required to provide a fake sunburn, as the Mexican sun stays bright even this far into the fall.

Pick a Pumpkin from Sam’s Club, Benito Juárez García S/N, Lagos y Ríos

No, you won’t find any pumpkin patches in Rocky Point, but if you feel the need for a pumpkin, or are seeking some Halloween décor to liven up your FMI Rentals vacation escape, Sam’s Club will come to the rescue! Offering much of the same things you can find in American Sam’s Clubs, plus a few Latin extras, you may feel as if you have never left the US as you shop for toilet paper, Halloween lanterns, and of course, the bright orange gourds that are an integral part of all the fall holidays. Sit outside on your patio overlooking the Sea of Cortez and start a pumpkin carving party with the kids, reveling in the late season warmth, but if cutting out designs is not your cup of witches brew, you can summon your inner artist and paint any design you love on the face of the pumpkin!

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Trick or Treat with FMI Rentals This Rocky Point Halloween

Parents often do not feel comfortable letting their children beg for treats in new locations, even if everyone else is doing it, but there is no need to make your children skip the fun altogether; just create candy stations at various spots throughout your Halloween hideaway! This works better in our larger homes, of course, as you set up stations in each bedroom, bathroom, or living area after dressing up your children in their favorite costume. Hand-draw a map that leads to the treasure (candy!) and watch your children have the time of their lives learning important map reading skills while earning sweet rewards.

If your home away from home offers a rooftop deck, it can be the perfect spot for Halloween celebrations, allowing you to set up a party your children will never forget! Play your favorite Halloween playlist, set up bobbing for apples sections, play Frankenstein Bowling with tin cans you decorated to look like ghosts, goblins, and of course, Frankenstein, or set up a craft table and let your kiddos go wild with homemade decorations!

Not traveling with kids, but you really don’t feel like heading out to face the crowds at Boo Bar or any of the other cantinas and night spots that make Rocky Point always seem like a fiesta? Stay home and play, creating a special Halloween cocktail or making one you have enjoyed in the past, (Halloween Punch made with cranberry juice, apple juice, ginger ale, and aged rum is made all that more fun with a touch of dry ice for a smoky effect!) open up one of the bags of candy you bought from Sam’s Club, and prepare to spend an evening of relaxation as you listen to the waves crash against the shore. The beauty of stepping outside your Halloween box is in knowing that there are no wrong decisions on how to celebrate, just wonderful options that will bring comfort and joy when you choose FMI Rentals for your vacation accommodations. Reserve your favorite today!