Top 5 Most Romantic Vacation Spots in Rocky Point

Rocky Point is known for being a great vacation destination, but what may not be known is the ton of activities available for romantic getaways. Since Rocky Point lies on the ocean and has a wide variety of resort destinations, the romantic spots are endless. In order to help you choose and plan out your romantic Rocky Point vacation, we have compiled a list of the top five romantic spots in Rocky Point.

Desert Excursion

Besides the oceanside aspects of Rocky Point, something that characterizes Rocky Point is its natural wealth of beautiful desert landscapes. It is an amazing and exciting experience for those who enjoy outdoor activities. One of the attractions in the area to enjoy is the Biosphere Reserve, where you can admire dunes, volcanoes, and fauna across a wide variety of species. Grab you loved one and head out to admire the beauty and nature that Rocky Point has to offer.

Relaxing at the Beach

Rocky Point is full of beaches that top the list of Mexico’s best beaches. The warm and calm waters provide the idea conditions for swimming and snorkeling, and the beaches have smooth sand to enjoy the weather on. If you are looking for a romantic beach excursion, we recommend enjoying a sunset picnic in this scenic area.

Walk Along the Jetty

The Jetty in Rocky Point is a 450-meter area that will blow cool sea breeze on your face and provide for a romantic walk along the ocean. You and your loved one can take a stroll along the sea shore and enjoy the weather that Rocky Point offers. If you are looking to step it up a notch, take a moon lit walk to really amp up the romance on your Rocky Point vacation.

Water Sports

Water sports are not normally considered romantic, but nothing will bring couples closer together than an adrenaline filled day of water sports followed by a romantic dinner. This day excursion will give you plenty to talk about at dinner and put a smile on both of your faces.

Taste the Flavors of Rocky Point

If you are a foodie at heart, make sure you and your loved one experience the best culinary options that Rocky Point has to offer. Many of the local restaurants feature seaside views and provide for a romantic atmosphere day or night. You can also try to schedule your meal around sunset to really escalate the romance.