Air (Farenheit) Water (Farenheit) Wind Speed (MPH) Rainfall (inches)
January 53 57 5,9 .35
February 55 60 7,1 .16
March 58 62 7,4 .21
April 64 65 8,7 .05
May 70 72 8,8 .0004
June 77 77 8,1 .01
July 84 84 9,9 .13
August 86 85 9,7 .32
September 82 83 8,1 .47
October 74 75 6,9 .46
November 62 67 6,6 .24
December 55 61 6,2 .50

Summer is considered the best time to go the beach, but is this universal? This article will look at the weather of Rocky Point, Mexico to help you decide when to visit.  By the end of it, you’ll know if winter may be a viable vacation option and what is the best month to visit during Rocky Point’s peak season. Whether you love the heat or the cold, you’ll know all about Rocky Point weather real soon.

Spring Offers Ideal Rocky Point Weather

Spring Break is the beginning of vacations for the majority of people; college kids love to visit Rocky Point for Spring Break. In this time of year, as well as summer, you’ll see clear skies and comfortable Rocky Point weather. The only reason to opt for a spring trip to Rocky Point over summer is to avoid the humidity which slowly increases into the year. Also, keep in mind that spring has the biggest draw so there will be more people on the beaches. Some people love the community this provides while others prefer a secluded get away.

Peak Heat in Rocky Point Weather

Summer time is the peak season for visitors in Rocky Point, with an average of 72 degrees. But that begs the question, if you’re planning a summer vacation to this Mexican wonder, what is the best month? Well, the weather in Rocky Point, Mexico slowly heats up the longer you wait, but it doesn’t increase too much.  The month of May sports a comfortable 75 degree average with a gradual increase to 86 degrees in August, after this the weather ramps down into the fall.  That is to say, any time to visit Rocky Point is a good time! Even with the warm temps, you can count on the lows to be a good 10 degrees cooler. Whenever you go during the summer, make sure to wake up early enough to see a sunrise, they are a work of natural art.

Be Weather Aware

August and September marks the stormy period in Puerto Penasco weather, which can mean hurricanes.  It may be good to avoid visiting during his period, but then again, check the forecast and see if they are clear skies. Since this isn’t the peak vacation time anymore you may be able to find some great travel deals and have the beach to yourself.

Degrees of Cool

During the Winter, mainly November to February, the water will be too cold to swim. If you are looking for a winter get away, Rocky Point can still accommodate, you’ll just want to avoid the water without a wet suit. Here you may see an increase likely hood of rain with temperatures as low as 60 degrees on average.

FMI is Happy to Host You, Whenever!

Consider which Rocky Point weather is ideal for you and get excited. There’s plenty to do in Rocky Point year round!