Top 5 Snorkeling Locations in Rocky Point

The crystal-clear waters of the ocean along Rocky Point offer great locations for swimming, beach going, and especially snorkeling. The natural collection of coral and marine life makes the ocean area a great location to do some Rocky Point snorkeling. If you are looking for the best locations for snorkeling in Rocky Point, try some of the spots below during your trip.

Sandy Beach

The warm waters of Sandy Beach provide for a great location for Rocky Point snorkeling. This location allows for snorkeling straight from the beach and gives you a crystal-clear look at the ocean floor. The shallow nature of the sand dunes in this area provide plenty of places that fish love to congregate. You will surely get a great show if you snorkel Puerto Penasco at Sandy Beach. We have a variety of homes and condos available for rent on Sandy Beach, allowing you and your guests to stay close to one of Rocky Point’s best snorkeling locales. Snorkeling tours in this area are usually priced at about $50.00 per person for a period of three hours, while snorkeling gear can be rented for around $12.00 per hour if you want to explore on your own.

Tucson Beach

Tucson Beach is another location in which you can go snorkeling in Puerto Penasco by taking off from the beach. The beach is located near Cholla Bay and Playa Mirador (also known as Manny’s). The ocean is also clear at this location, but with a few different habitats and marine life available to view. Tucson Beach is a picturesque location for snorkeling because of its scenic views and calm waters that are generally guarded from factors that would normally disrupt snorkeling, such as strong wind and water currents. If Tucson Beach is your dream snorkeling destination, you’re in luck; we offer a number of breezy vacation homes in nearby Playa Mirador.

Golden Beach

snorkel-minThe third beach on our list that is available to snorkel at off of the beach. The ocean continues its clarity here and the beach itself is a perfect place to lay out in the sun and dry off after you’re done. When you snorkel close to this beach or any of the beaches on this list, it’s vital to bring a dive flag so that passing banana boats and other watercraft won’t injure you or disturb the fish by going near you.

Cholla Bay

Another way to enjoy Rocky Point snorkeling is to snorkel off of a boat. Cholla Bay has many companies that you can charter a boat from that allow you to take a snorkeling excursion and see a different habitat than the rest of Rocky Point’s snorkeling locales. Since the Bay is quite a bit deeper than the beach access snorkel locations, you will be able to see more marine life. Like Tucson Beach, it is also largely protected from wind and extreme currents, making it easier to navigate.

While the marine life in the bay will be much more diverse and numerous compared to that on the beach, Cholla Bay is also renowned for its ideal beach Rocky Point snorkeling conditions. Great snorkeling spots in this area include the water right outside of JJ’s Cantina and Pinto Point on the southern side of the peninsula for intermediate and advanced snorkelers.

Between Cholla Bay and the city, you’ll find excellent snorkeling about fifty feet out into the water in front of the Reef Club along Rocky Beach. Here, you can encounter shovelnose guitarfish, a species of primitive ray that has features of both rays and sharks. It is entirely unique to the region extending from the Gulf of California to central California, making it a one-of-a-kind sighting during your Rocky Point snorkeling adventure.

Isla San Jorge

Otherwise known as Bird Island, this location offers visitors with a unique spot to snorkel and see the island’s wildlife up-close. Island San Jorge offers both beach snorkeling and boat snorkeling. You can see the rocky edge of the island while snorkeling, which houses many different species of marine animals and birds that you will not see elsewhere. Del Mar Charters is a local boat service that specializes in snorkeling near Isla San Jorge. Both Rocky Point Boat Charters and Santiago’s Ocean Services provide snorkeling and sightseeing excursions at Bird Island as well.

General Tips for Snorkeling

Make sure you are staying safe while you snorkel in Rocky Point. Always check the tide times and weather conditions before you set out on a snorkeling excursion. You want to make sure that you can easily get back to the boat or beach and that you are not caught up in any dangerous weather conditions. And of course, always snorkel with others to ensure safety!

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