Top 5 Wildlife Viewing Areas

One of the best aspects of Rocky Point is the diversity in the landscape. On one side of the city you have a vast ocean, and on the other is a desert and mountain region. This diversity allows for nature lovers to see a wide variety of different wildlife in Rocky Point. We always recommend seeing the various wildlife sanctuaries and preserves while you are in the Rocky Point Area. Here is a list of the five best wildlife spots to enjoy on your vacation.

El Pinacate y Gran Desierto De Altar Biosphere Reserve

The Biosphere Reserve is a great location for spotting fauna in Rocky Point. The Biosphere Reserve has a visitor’s center that should be your first stop. The park rangers will be able to help with your visit, but the reserve has miles of loops that you can hike through or drive through. Along with the local wildlife in Rocky Point, the reserve also has many craters and habitats that you can see. There is a small cost to enter, but it is definitely worth the cost for the trip.

Eco Tours

The eco tours that are offered take visitors through the marine wildlife in Rocky Point. Guests will board a cruise ship and be taken for a guided trip around the Cholla Bay and other locations to get up and close with the marine life. If you are interested in marine life or just a fun cruise on the ocean, we definitely recommend these tours.

Sea Best Whale Watching

Sea Best Whale Watching is a charter company that will take you out on the ocean to get up close and personal with whales. These tours include taking a ship out into the deep ocean to see pods of whales as they pass by Rocky Point. These tours are breathtaking, as you get to see a part of marine life that is rarely seen. These trips are seasonal and require advance booking.

Rocky Point Natural Resource Management Area

The Rocky Point Natural Resource Management Area houses a wide variety of different wildlife that all call Rocky Point home. Visitors are bound to see a variety of birds and other animals. Make sure to check out the visitor’s center for tips before venturing out.


Snorkeling in Cholla Bay is one of the best marine life experience. You are able to get right out in the habitat of many fish and other marine life and see them up close. If you like the water and are looking for a unique view, snorkeling is the way to go.