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Top Places to Go Horseback Riding in Rocky Point

Every 12-year-old girl has thought she was going to “just die” if her parents didn’t buy her a horse for her birthday, and every young boy has dreamed of growing up to be a cowboy. It’s a part of life, and for those whose dreams have never died, your Rocky Point vacation is the perfect time to saddle up! Horseback riding on the beaches of Rocky Point is just what you imagine it would be: fun, exciting, and just about be the most romantic adventure you could ever wish for! Here’s a list of stables in the area that will help bring your childhood dreams to life!

El Establo Ranch

Located around Street Plutarco Elias Calles and Street 13 west of Benito Juarez Boulevard, visiting El Establo Ranch may be the highlight of your entire trip. Colorful hammocks hanging from the rafters of the Western style barn hold local guides resting between tours, and the smell of hay, horses, and salt water from the Gulf mingle to create an aroma you won’t soon forget. Featuring beautiful rides and easygoing guides, El Establo Ranch is our favorite place to go for a fun horseback riding adventure!

Sandy Beach

It’s difficult trying to find your way around any new town—when you’re in a foreign country it may be even more so—but if you’re still hoping to realize your childhood dreams, you don’t have to seek out the stables: just head to Sandy Beach! The owners of El Establo Ranch and other enterprising horse owners will be located along the beach—all you have to do is ask! Offering experiences for all rider’s skill levels, your sunset beach ride has never been easier!

Las Conchas Beach

Not to be left out of the excitement, Las Conchas Beach also offers horseback rides, with most of the horses belonging to El Establo Ranch; but again, you may also find some independent horse owners offering sunset rides as well. There’s something special about a horseback ride on the beach at sunset. The sound of the ocean is soothing as you, your life partner, and your magnificent steeds slowly stroll along the water’s edge.

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