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Top Places to Hit the Pool at Rocky Point

It’s a warm and sunny day in Rocky Point (aren’t most days?) and you’re feeling a little over-salted; partially from the margaritas you consumed last night, but mostly due to a little too much time in the Gulf waters that surround our Mexican seaside village. We love the ocean, but we understand that sometimes you just want the clear blue waters of cool swimming pool—no sand, no salt, no problem! Here’s a list of the top places to hit the pool during your Rocky Point vacation; don’t forget your sunscreen!

Swim-Up Bar at Sonoran Sea Resort

Located on Sandy Beach, the pool requires no key card and is literally just steps off the beach. Swim up to the grotto, order a refreshing beverage (maybe stay away from margaritas? This is your salt-free break, remember?), and drink it right there in the pool, or grab a chaise and relax in the sun.

Pool Parties

During Spring Break and throughout the summer, the Baja Cantina in the Baja Hotel is home to some of the best pool parties in the area! Swim in the cool waters of the pool as you drink and party with a bunch of your new best friends. Life is better at a pool party in Rocky Point!

Corona del Mar

This gated community is a rarity in Rocky Point, but the pool and hot tub is a wonderful place to chill out with a good book and an icy drink; you have an in when you stay in our FMI Rentals Corona del Mar vacation condo! Sit on your 2nd floor balcony enjoying the music of the sea, or walk down to the pool and swim in the clear blue waters of the resort pool. Staying in a gated community means the pool won’t get as wild as some of the others along the way!

Marina Pinacate

Whether you are sitting poolside with a good book, floating without a care in the crystal-clear waters of the resort hotel, or are enjoying tasty tropical drinks under the thatched roof of the cabana, the Marina Pinacate Resort isn’t just home to your favorite FMI Rental vacation home; it also makes our list of top pool spots in Rocky Point!

Your FMI Rentals Vacation Home

Your own private home with its own private pool? What could be better than that? Book yours today and discover the intrinsic joys of a beach vacation in Rocky Point—and the wonders of stepping from your bedroom to your pool!