Imagine a weekend getaway filled with all the best Puerto Penasco activities. Imagine a weekend spent with the beauty of the sea, the smell of the surf, and the splendor of nature, and vibrant nightlife. Now stop imagining, and make it happen!

The Lodging

First up, you’ll need to book your stay. If this is a one-time deal, why not splurge on a luxury resort equipped with pools, TVs, and fitness centers? If a Rocky Point getaway sounds like a nice habit to get into, consider investing in a condo here. Either way, check out what FMI offers. We’ve got luxury resort rooms packed with amenities and condo rentals for couples, families, or family reunions. Whatever the size of your party, FMI Rentals can cover you.

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Day 1

Check in to your FMI-managed room and make yourselves at home! Take as long as you need to recuperate from your travel or your workweek before getting up and going out to enjoy all the wonderful things to do in Puerto Penasco.

If you’re like most vacationers, you’ve probably come for the ocean. If you’re more of a “do” person, head on out and start your day with some surfing—rent a surfboard, or bring your own! When you’ve had your fill of riding the waves, take out a small boat or find a good spot on the pier and cast out a line. Whiling away the hours fishing is a popular pastime for tourists and locals alike here in Rocky Point, especially since the gorgeous Sea of Cortez is your backdrop. Reel in a few fish while you enjoy a world-famous Mexican sunset.

Of course, some people are more “watch” and less “do.” We encourage these folks to head over to Bird Island for some sightseeing. Your sixty-minute boat ride will be well rewarded with views of exotic birds, boisterous sea lions, and some migratory birds who can only be seen in certain seasons.

Night 1

It’s your vacation and you may not feel like cooking—Rocky Point has you covered. Head over to Chef Micky’s, winner of several Iron Chef awards, for some of the top cuisine in Rocky Point. If you’re in the mood for a more adult atmosphere, try the Pink Cadillac, a 50s-inspired scene boasting a dance floor.

After dinner, enjoy a night on the town. J.J.’s Cantina and Elixir are two clubs that are extremely popular, boasting live music and great drinks.

Day 2

If you’re a do-er, why not start the day with a round of golf? The Mexican seaboard boasts fair weather and clear skies, so take advantage of them! That should tide you over until one of the many scuba tours, such as Rocky Point Scuba Diving, are ready to let you take the plunge. Scuba diving is one of the most popular Puerto Penasco activities thanks to the many colorful fishes that inhabit the area.

Our watch-er visitors should take the chance to visit El Pinacate, a protected biosphere and UNESCO heritage site. Its unique combination of landscapes means ecologies interact here in ways not seen anywhere else on the planet. The views make excellent photo opportunities.

Night 2

Many vacationers come here to enjoy the ocean, so top off your second night with one of the ocean’s greatest assets—fresh fish! Pick up a fresh fry from a street vendor and bring it home to your FMI rental and cook it up on a grill. Trust us—freshness makes the difference, especially with a taste as delicate and elegant as fish. Then end your weekend, with one of the more relaxing things to do in Puerto Penasco, like going to see a move at Citi Cinemas off of Highway 8, or taking advantage of your resort’s rental offerings and seeing something at home.

Sound like a nice weekend? Then book today—you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of these amazing things to do in Rocky Point, Mexico!

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