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Enjoy shopping and more on your getaway to Rocky Point

Book Your Winter 2022 Getaway Today!

You may be a bit busy planning your summer getaway but if you are a planner like we are, we are willing to bet that you have all the details locked down; vacation home rented, Park tickets purchased, and that new bikini you have had your eye on is already tucked away in your partially packed suitcase. You have already figured out the benefits of booking early and have moved on to the initial planning stages for your winter escape to Rocky Point and stay in one of our FMI Rentals seasonal sanctuaries! (And yes, we think it is perfectly normal to already have a second new bikini waiting in your online shopping cart!) Winter in Rocky Point is destined to be an adventure you have been dreaming about your entire life and if you aren’t a planner and do everything on the fly, we think this guide to booking your Winter 2022 getaway to Rocky Point will help show you the benefits and start upping the anticipation levels instantly!

Save for Souvenirs on Your Getaway to Rocky Point

The number one reason for booking this early is, of course, the savings benefits. Winter is prime tourist season in Rocky Point with everyone wanting to spend their vacation hours under sunny skies at the beach and the closer you get to the season in question, the higher the prices often rise! Book your winter escape today and get today’s prices, tucking away your savings for purchasing some Mexican pottery or silver and turquoise jewelry! You will get to enjoy the same comforts and luxuries as those who waited until the last minute but because you planned ahead, you get to enjoy them at a lower cost!

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Your First Choice

We have all been there. Pouring over the pictures on your screen, finding the home that is on the beach, has a private pool, and is large enough to fit all the members of your family only to discover when you click the Book Now button it isn’t available for the dates you need! Pushing down your disappointment, you continue to scroll until you find something that may not check all your boxes (who needs a beachfront home with a pool anyway?) that does happen to be available when you need it. By booking now, before summer even begins, chances are you will have your pick of homes and that first choice? You will be walking on the beach at sunrise, watching the sunset over the Sea of Cortez in the mornings, and spending your daylight hours at your choice of locations, either the private pool or at the beach!

Do it All!

When we at FMI Rentals travel, we like to buy guidebooks of the region we are traveling to and learn everything there is to do! (And yes we mean EVERYTHING!) We study every page, highlighting the items that interest us, putting stars on the activities that we find most interesting, and even dog-earing our favorite pages. We also pack the book in our luggage, but to be perfectly honest, all we are doing is taking up space that could be used for the souvenirs we are bringing back home because we have our activities not just planned out but memorized! When you take a little extra time in planning your Rocky Point escape, you have the opportunity to explore every little detail that makes our hometown fishing village the vacation you will never forget! You’ll know where to take the littles to examine tide pools, you will be able to plan out time to ride the banana boats, and you will have all your tours picked out and booked! Whale watching in January, golfing in February, or exploring the Picante Biosphere Preserve in March; without planning and research, you would never have known these activities are an option!

Build up your Budget

Another benefit to booking your winter getaway so early also involves saving money but this time you are saving money to build up your vacation budget. Tuck away extra money whenever you can by brewing your own coffee, riding the bus instead of driving, and maybe eating at home one Friday a month instead of ordering your standard pizza. Because you have been planning for so long, these simple methods of saving can actually add up to a decent amount, allowing you to play harder!


As you mark off each day on the calendar, sleeping at night will be that much easier, especially if you lull yourself into a state of comfortable relaxation by dreaming about endless margaritas, sunsets over the sea, and long lazy days spent exploring the wonders of our neighbors to the south. Book your favorite FMI Rentals seasonal sanctuary today and while you’re at it, go ahead and click purchase now on that swimsuit in your online shopping cart; you deserve it!