Top 5 Seafood Restaurant Options in Rocky Point, Mexico

One of the best aspects of Rocky Point is its location. The vacation town sits right on the ocean and offers great views, refreshing weather, and wonderful dining. Due to the proximity to the ocean, Rocky Point has some of the best seafood restaurants on the planet. These Rocky Point seafood restaurants carefully craft their dishes to create decadent meal options that can’t be beat. We have compiled a list of restaurants with the best seafood in Rocky Point for you to check out during your vacation.

Mare Blu

Mare Blu is an upscale Italian and Puerto Penasco seafood restaurant that has touted a best in town reputation for years. They have delicious food options like manicotti, crab stuffed ravioli, and traditional lasagna that will leave you stuffed and satisfied. Along with the food, Mare Blu has constant live music for you to enjoy with your meal. If you are looking for something outside of traditional Mexican seafood, check out this Rocky Point treasure.

El Capitan

The first thing you will notice about El Capitan is the location. The Rocky Point seafood restaurant lies on top of a cliff on the far left side of Sandy Beach. The restaurant fills your eyes and ears with live music from mariachi bands and views of the Sea of Cortez. Guests can enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine with a view that is breathtaking.

Friendly Dolphin

The Friendly Dolphin serves up fresh seafood options for eager guests to enjoy. The restaurant has three separate levels for guests to enjoy their fresh Rocky Point seafood and offer a view overlooking the city. Along with the fresh seafood options, the Friendly Dolphin also offers delicious margaritas to pair with your food. Dine with the courteous staff and enjoy great food, drinks, and atmosphere at this Rocky Point seafood eatery.

La Curva

La Curva is a delicious, family friendly restaurant that serves some of the best seafood in Rocky Point. La Curva specializes in traditional Mexican food and they do it right. Their house specialty is a deep fried chimichanga that is by far the most ordered item on the menu. The hole in the wall atmosphere gives a friendly vibe that will delightfully surprise you with their delicious food.

Boo Bar

If you are looking for more of a cantina atmosphere, Boo Bar is the perfect place to visit. With live music, delicious food, and plenty of craft cocktails to go around, Boo Bar is not only a favorite restaurant, but a place to party! Boo Bar is located in the downtown Puerto Peñasco area just above the fish market and offers great views of the Sea of Cortez. Enjoy a great meal and plenty of partying at this Rocky Point favorite.